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Angel Of Mercy


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Nice job. For constructive criticism, I'd say the transitions between shades on the underskirt and cloud could be a bit smoother, and I think the eyes are a tiny bit large, but the rest of it's awesome. Great color choices - I love the wings....


I've painted at least a dozen of these things in recent years for people - they're a whole lot tougher to paint then they look, aren't they? lol ::D:

There's so much wildly flowing cloth, and then all the feathers on the wings, and then those eyes - the right eye isn't sculpted quite even with the left one, which took me painting about three of these things to figure out how to paint it so it didn't look like a dirty old man leering at a schoolgirl, lol... (Free advice to anybody painting this lady, she'll take twice as long as you think she will.)


Nice work.

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