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I had a dream


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I like the idea of having to ransom back your own guys. I need to work that in when someone flees. Good ideas.


You need to be careful about bonusses/penalties that carry over between fights. If someone wins big in their first two fights, they might turn into an unstoppable juggernaut for the rest of the campaign. It can also lead to situations where one player will be at a disadvantage because his opponent fought a softie in the last round.


It's ususally best to keep those sorts of bonusses/penalties small, and not have them carry over for more than one round.




Considering the majority would get to just retreat, and those left would get a chance to break free... do you think the amount of prisoners would be that high? High enough to Juggernaut someone? I was thinking they'd get a few guys.


I kind of like the idea because it rewards the winner, but doesn't really cripple the loser. Because the prisoners would get killed the round they couldn't break free anyway with all their support gone. It would have varied effects depending on your build. It makes Raider and Standard Bearer very useful to cowards, and people that use berserkers will have to pick their fights and develop tactics they may normally not use. For instance taking extra spies and tacticians to get better setup and initiative.

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As before still really like the concept, just trying to help work out a few possible bugs.. Few more questions:


How is the overall shape of the map determined? That is you have a bunch of hexes, but how do you determine how many of them there are and what shape they form when stuck together? Is it one big circle? Some weird shape? Does it lay over a picture to get the shape?


Next, are all 6 sides of the hex different values? If so, at what point are they determined? I like the concept, but it seems like a lot of book keeping as the number of hexes grow. Talking 2-3 base rolls to determine the gold, silver, and defensive bonus value of the hex, and then another 2 rolls for each edge to determine army size and attack bonus for each corresponding edge.


Exploring.. Is an army token restricted to exploring adjacent hexes or can they travel (like they can to defend a previously claimed zone)? I assume exploring a new zone claims it by default?


Will there be any negative hexes to discover? Something to give a little reason to maybe attack someone else's spot rather than just explore a new place?


Ok, so when the game begins, I purchase 1500 points worth of stuff (maybe 1100 silver and 400 gold) and have 500 worth left over. So, I have a single army token:


1. Do I start out in a random hex? or particular one?

2. Do I roll for this first hex too, or do all first hexes have the same value?


Now I have my token in my hex and its my turn, I decide to explore... i put my token in the next hex and start all the rolls. I determine that hex has a value of 200silver and 50 gold along with whatever defensive bonus it gives. Do, I immediately gain that money? Do I gain it every turn (whether or not I have a token in the hex) or just on turns that I declare recruit actions?


Next turn I still have my army token in that hex, and I choose to declare an attack on my opponent's hex that happens to be adjacent to me. Do I add the value of my army token (I assume 1000 points even though I had purchased 1500 worth of models at the beginning) plus the value on the ege of my hex against the value of the hex that I am attacking? What if my opponent pays to move his army token over there? Does he then get to add the value of his token in with the army value on his hex edge? What if my opponent has multiple army tokens? Can he move multiple armies to defend?


Ok, so now a battle is going to happen. I see that my hex edge says 800 and your s says 500 so I figure that is the hex to go attack. You do not have the funds to move your army token there, does that mean you cant defend?


Ok, rince and repeat, I see that my hex edge says 800 and yours says 500 so I figure to attack there. You have your token there so we throw down. I use my points advantage and kill 300 points and lose 150, and then you decide to retreat to save the rest of your troops. So, I now sit at 650 points worth of models sitting on the battlefield and you have 200 that fled. By shear luck, all the dead stuff rolls horribly and all of it stays dead. What do I do now? That is... the next turn comes up and my opponent decides to attack me back in a different hex where he has the number advantage of 800 to 500. Do I pull out 500 and he pulls out 800 or does he now pull out 500 since he lost 300 points worth in our last fight? And I would field all 500 since i still had 650 left after the last fight?


Again, just not understanding how all of it would work...


I am still confused about some of this. Maybe its just wording that is throwing me off.

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I just get to work and you turn my brain into mush. I have all your answers...in a few minutes. Truthfully, I'm just slapping this together from a dream. Who knows if it will work at all. My other campaign system is the one that is thought out. But I'll try to get some answers.

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I have a map. I don't know the best way to show it to you. It's generally a square shape. One side has the City Hex as a starting point. The other side has the Base Camp Hex. There are exactly ten hexes between the two. The shortest campaign will last 10 turns. 50% of the hexes won't have anything of value in them to fight over.

Yes, all six sides of the hex have different values. Each hex will have tough places and soft places and it's up to you, the attacker, to decide what you can live with as a proper attack angle. If I want to take your Casino Royale hex, I may want to circle it looking for the best attack value. Tactics.

You can never lose your last army token, even if you have less than 1000 points in all five categories. That way no one is completely eliminated.

What's the best way to show the final product for this? Turn it all into a PDF and load it to a website?

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Sorry for the delay. I'm looking at some final touches. I think I over designed the first draft. This should be a faster campaign of surviving an onslaught. I'll get a finished version out to you soon. I have the PDF, just haven't sent it. I want to get the rest done first. So it's coming soon.

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