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Sir Conlan, Crusaders Sergeant: 14037


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This is the 20 Person Exchange Take 2 mini I did for Froggy the Great. I have had this Bobby Jackson figure on my 'must paint' list for a long time. It was good to finally put a brush to this mini.




I stayed pretty close to the Crusader color scheme but chose a creamy white and a 'brighter' blue - still close enough to fit into a Crusader army. I kept the base simple just in case Sir Conlan finds his way into a game of WARLORD ::):



Comments/suggestions welcomed



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Fantastic work! :wow:

You sure have captured the authentic look of the Crusader.

Colour scheme is great, face and details are stunning.

Really like that creamy white too, stylin' :B):

By looking at this guy you might think he was 54mm with the

detail you've captured... especially with the armour, Sheesh. ::o:

I always struggle with my armour. Every new project is a crap shout

on how it will turn out. I tackled this guy a while back and opted for the leather

covered armour look. But you nailed it here. Great technique and execution.

Feeling generous? Sure would love to know the recipe for your armour.


Look forward to seeing some more great work of yours.


Oh, how did the back turn out? Shame we can't take a peak.




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I'm gonna have to get the literature\information that details the Crusaders' color scheme, 'cause I have some of them and want to paint them up too. I know off-hand I have the Malcolm guy...

There are no official color schemes for Warlord. The painted studio versions of the minis tend to use a blue as a dominant color with white as a secondary one.



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