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Sir Conlan, Crusaders Sergeant: 14037


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I want to thank everyone for all the kind words. Sir Conlan was a fun piece - I look forward to the next mini exchange.


mattmcl/Mad Jack/Dilvish the Deliverer - I'm a lifetime Nutmegger - currently living in Enfield. I did my grad work at UCONN - Go Huskies!


Sparrow's Tail - Here's my armor recipe

1. Basecoat - AMERICANA Grey Blue: this paint has good coverage over black primer

2. Shade - VALLEJO Model Color German Grey: thinned with water, but not a 'wash'.

3. Highlight1 - 50/50 AMERICANA Grey Blue + AMERICANA Winter Blue

4. Highlight2 - AMERICANA Winter Blue

5. Highlight3 - LIQUITEX Acrylic Artist Color Titanium White: I jump to white pretty quickly in order to 'push' the contrast between shade, base and highlight.


Warmest Regards


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I have nothing critical to say about this one. Awesome color selection, incredible metals, blue nearly goes to white, great skin tone, face, and eyes. WOW, I definitely want to get into one of these exchanges.

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