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Dungeon Encounters

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Possibly just use Hover. It is cheap, and it replicates what a flying monster might be able to do in a dungeon.


Although what I will say is that will it be possible to use the dungeon crawl rules outside a dungeon setting? I'm not sure exactly what you have in mind for the Dungeon crawl stuff, but would the rules fit in well for use in a Monster infested city setting, or a hedge maze, or a thick enchanted forest? I would have thought your Dungeon Crawl possibly work well in such a setting, and so would flyers.

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Keep the flyers the same cost. You can use it in some situations. Leave it up to the event coordinator if they want to fudge those final points a bit in favor of the monsters or the players as they see fit.


I mean it's a scenario. Who hasn't gone...ah well, 20 points one way or the other isn't going to make a difference.


This Beastiary will likely get used for far more than a Dungeon Crawl. And, a "Dungeon Crawl" need not be in tight narrow corridors. And who is to say that a particular cavern/room doesn't have 200 ft ceilings. These monster cards could also be used for scenarios for any events.

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Add Flyer where appropriate and keep the cost: I can see the monsters being used in special scenarios that don't occur in dungeons. For example, dragon terrorizes a town. Players are on the defense.



Owl Bear (2526, 2690)

4 tracks, critical stirke, fast move, flying (?)



Giant Snake (2675)

2-3 tracks, fast MOV, Poison strike



Carnosaur (2996)

5 or so tracks, fast MOV



T-Rex (10013)

7-8 tracks, Critical strike



Triceratops (10015)

6-7 tracks, High DV


(not that the Reptus need any of the 4 above, but how did we miss giving at least the giant snake to the reptus?)



Townsfolk (various, for prisoners and such)

1 track, DV 7, MAV 0 (for unarmed) or MAV 1 (for armed), DIS 2



Town Guard (3165)

2 tracks, DV 9, MAV 1-2




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Gus - well, I, for one, would likely be using some of the monsters in outdoor scenarios, so if it made sense for a creature to have flying, I would like for it to have flying. That said, I understand that in an indoor scenario such as a Dungeon Crawl, it's not a useful SA to have. So my first suggestion would simply to have a data card for flying and non-flying. However, I could understand reasons not to do both, as it would make the cost of the Flying SA fairly obvious.


Perhaps a work-around could be found? Say, maybe a Wings-Clipped "upgrade" card that could be used to downgrade any flying creature?

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Can we get a model with some crazy combination of ranged attacks? I'm thinking a RAV with AoE/3, Poison Shot, and possibly Critical Shot. :) No idea what model or monsters fits the bill, but it would be fun to unleash on an unsuspecting troop that ventured to deep into my dungeon.



I think for this enhancement, it should be ok to make models that break some of the normal rules. The models won't be used in tournaments or most friendly games, so why not give the GM an opportunity to use a flyer that has Blowthrough. We would probably only use the Ranged attack once before swooping in for some melee action, it's not fun to kite a group in dice games.

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Flyers in a dungeon crawl is cool to me. If you are in a large cavern or open area, it would come into play. If it is currently expensive, it could be discounted for dungeon monsters because it is not used much.

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Well, I think it's pretty cool we will be getting a little beastiary. I know people have been asking for monsterscards for as long as I've been playing. Thanks for all the hard work Gus.


I think any monster would be welcomed. My list, all in one place is:


formorian giant 2685

oriental dragon

scarab 2564

beetle swarm 2492

bat swarm 2668

skeletal giant 2742

any dragons

baby dragons 2854

hatchlings 2802

yeti 2697

sasquatch 3029

half dragon 3022

foo dog 2487

evil eye lord 2016

3243 Swamp shambler

3269 moor troll

brass bull


I don't know if others would be interested, but I've always thought a scenerio that was like the "12 Labors of Hercules" would be cool, and was thinking the new Zodiac line would make a great "12 Labors".

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Zoinks! I think I'm having an epiphany. I bet you 5 bucks this has been epiphanized (is that a word? spellcheck is flagging it, so probably not) before by somebody else...




What if you made up a new SA which functioned like this:

This model may not use its ranged attack(s) while it is in the air due to the Flier SA.


You can leave ranged attack rules alone completely - you can leave Flier SA rules alone completely. Just patch in an extra SA and there you go!


Fluff-wise you could say, the dragon must land in order to fill its lungs enough to breath fire. Might not be perfectly according to standard fantasy dragon-lore, BUT this is Adon not Greyhawk, and I think it's a mechanic that we all realize is necessary for the purposes of the game.



In other news, I love this project. I also second Qwyk's comments about "do you really think we'll only use these cards for dungeons?" - they ought to be diverse and should DEFINITELY use the standard cost formula.


And S.E.'s comments about powerful breath weapons from post #25 is right on. Not for all of the dragons, but some sickly powerful ones - most definitely.


Maybe some of them could have the line AOE lightning spells available to them. Fireball or Firestorm are also good. Actually, magic in general :D

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Zoinks! I think I'm having an epiphany. I bet you 5 bucks this has been epiphanized (is that a word? spellcheck is flagging it, so probably not) before by somebody else...




What if you made up a new SA which functioned like this:

This model may not use its ranged attack(s) while it is in the air due to the Flier SA.


One could simply keep ranged attacks flyers very limited in range, and stipulate under 'Flyer' that ranged attacks may not be used while flying, forcing a dragon to land in order to use its breathweapon.


Please send $5 ::P:


The only thing is ranged attacks under such a situation would have to innately be very short, otherwise a model could land for free, fire its attack, and use its second action to take off again. Short range attacks would at least give the enemy a chance of catching up with it.


Specifically with a Dragon if you gave it Flyer, stipulated it needed to land to use its short range breath weapon, and made sure it had blowthrough it probably wouldn't get used in the above fashion as most players would liekly be moving the unit around to try and maximize the breath weapons effects. Plus a dragon is likely to have some serious melee power so it possibly isn't likely to be a that threatened when on the ground.

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It can land as part of a movement action - so it'd be using it's 1st action to land, then 2nd action to make its ranged attack. It'd have to wait until next turn to take off again. A savvy player can time this pretty well, but there is always the element of chance, and I've seen players who have been very careful, and who have maximized the chance that they can take off before being threatened, get hung and lose their flier.


I'm all for short ranged breath weapons too. Maybe the biggest ones would have range of 12. Maybe. Young ones would probably only have 2 inches or something, just a little hiccup of doom. Young adults perhaps 4, adults 6-8ish, and ancient would be where it gets really crazy and goes out pretty far.


I can't think of a good way to replicate the line/cone part of a dragon's breath in D&D. Cones are inherently difficult, unless you plan on using pre-made plastic templates. Might be worth while to just leave the cone aspect out.

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