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The one store around here that might have carried them didn't know how to take care of brushes. They didn't like carrying the high end lines because people abused them while deciding if they were going to buy.


My (unspoken) thought was that their sales people didn't know how to handle brushes then. If they saw a customer manhandling a high end brush or they just left them out with the cheapie sables then it's a training issue.


Mr. Rastl bought me a few brushes from there on year. I had it specific on my list to buy them from Dick Blick online but he wanted to support the local store. There were three W&NS7 in the bunch and they all went back immediately. There were some other ones that weren't on my list ("If she wants those then THESE will certainly be useful too.") that also went back.


None of the brushes he bought had bristle protectors. I asked why when I returned the brushes and they said that people ruined the bristles when they put them back on so the store threw them out when they got in brushes.


Needless to say, I don't buy brushes there. Dorks.

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When buying a high end brush what do you look for ?

Jen Haley has a good article on that subject here: Choosing and Using Brushes.


While I was collecting the link above, I saw in the latest news that she is going to be making a couple tutorials with Miniature Mentor in late May! Go here for details: The latest news. Other than one-on-one instruction at places like ReaperCon or a local paint club, I think this may be one of the best ways to learn.

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