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Bloodstone Gnomes

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Ok, so this is with absolutely no real basis to any specific set of datacards, but rather following a) what is currently available in BSG models *right now*, and b) Warlord 2's general treatment of models like warlords, spellcasters, soldiers, elites, solos within the framework of the game's changes. If I were to go buy a brand-spankin' new BSG army, datacards sight-unseen, I'd probably start with something like this:


Kurand (warlords and their WAs are awesome)

Kordtok (obligatory captain)

Naklak x2 (always good to have 2 sergeants)

Bloodstone Priest

Bloodstone Matron

Bodyguards x4

Tunnel Knights x8 (I'd use these last two as the foundation for troops, 4 models in each)

Pinners x4 (this would be my final troop's foundation, and I could see easily wanting more later)

Pulgers x6

Scraggers x12 (these last two are likely to be your fill in models, Pulgers for Reach, Scraggers as Mobs for numbers)

Greater Golem



I think that list is an excellent foundation for a balanced army. Depending on what happens with the datacards (and once new models are released, like the beetle lancers and such), I would then add whatever else you really like to the mix, to be able to customize the army for scenarios and various point sizes. Hope that helps.



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They may be some time away as they will probably be in the playtesting stage for Armies of the Savage North , but this in no way an official reply . :upside:

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so when can we expect the cards to be available?

The book they will be in isn't due out until early next year. However, if you are interested in playtesting, just shoot me an email ([email protected]) and I'll get you the playtest datacards. ::):


as much as I would like to take you up on that offer, I'm not in any position to playtest anything :down:

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