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Welcome back for a second year with your own thread. Why be tied down with just any old Faction? Pick the models you like best and slaughter your enemies. You are not Mercenaries! You don't need someone else's gold to fight. Just keep your good guys away from my evil guys and it's all good.


For historical reference, feel free to view past Faction discussions:

Freelance 2007

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Freelance is not being allowed at the Reaper sponsored tournaments: ReaperCon, GenCon, Origins.



In other words, it's no longer a sanctioned option. Which suits me fine, since they've added a bunch of faction data cards and +mercs, so now you can field faction armies that aren't handicapped due to lack of troop options.



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Just because I like goofy themed armies, I came up with this concoction some time ago. Against a serious 1,500 point army, this one would probably get it's butt kicked. But, that isn't the point. The point is to have fun! Right? :lol:


Anyways, here is the list and then I'll explain my choices afterwards. ::):


Kordtok the Gutter

Elaandaria + GF + Ice Blast (x1)

1 Gargoyle

1 Dark Dwarf Warrior

1 Bull Orc Berserker



Gronk Spliteye

Eredain + GF + Ice Blast (x1)

1 Incubus/Succubus Warrior

1 Okuran Ronin

1 Satyr Warrior




Malek + GF + Ice Blast (x1)

1 Death Seeker

1 Onyx Phalanx

1 Daughter of the Whip




Thuusia, Pain Mage + GF + Ice Blast (x1)

1 Nagendra Ranger

1 Khamsin Dervish

1 Tunnel Knight





Charnel Grub


Totals: 1,499 Points, 22 Models, 6 Troops, 6 Init Cards


Ok, here is how I chose the models. As for why I used these methods, it was "Because I could." ::D:


1) The soldiers had to meet the following criteria:

a) Neutral or Evil

b) Standard Base Size

c) Must have Warmaster

d) Not Undead

e) Not Beast

That search yielded 12 results. At that point I decided to take all of them and make this a highlander list if at all possible! :B):


2) The leaders were a little trickier. I used the same basic criteria as the soldiers, but I aslo included that they had to have a minimum of 3 attacks. That left 8 choices, and as I needed only 4, I chose the 4 whose points fit the best. Sorry!! :wub:


3) The mages were simpler. Items a) and b) from the soldiers criteria are obvious. But, I also wanted Innate Spell (Bolt) and a minimum CP 6. Voila! 4 mages to be had! ::D:


4) The solos had to be neutral or evil, obviously, but I had other different criteria.

a) Warmaster

b) Not Undead

c) Not Burrow

d) #MA = 6

That yielded my two choices!


As far as how the troops are laid out, if you pay close attention to the point costs, I basically put the most expensive with the most expensive and worked my way down the list. Amazingly enough, my incredibly complex choices actually added up to the 1,499 points, with the magic item additions. If you play against another person that is also fielding a highlander list, you will probably have a good chance of winning.


Anyways, enjoy! :wub:


Wild Bill :blues:

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Color me stupid, but how is this a highlander list???


I would think the higlander list would have a minimum of tough/1+ since they are "immortal"


Highlander means "There can be only one", as in, there can be only one of any kind of model in your army. This is a concept that I used when I started playing Magic: The Gathering in 1994. ^_^


Wild Bill :blues:

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