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Welcome to the land of offically pinned Factions Korborlas. The moon is full. It's a perfect night to hunt. Summon the pack and let's see what kind of game we can bring down. Let their blood freeze in their veins as they hear our howls echo through the night.


There are not a lot of historical posts, but see below for some linkage:

Koborlas, Lupine Faction

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I've been looking around a bit at various minis, stumbled across these which seem like they might make excellent Feral Pups: http://www.crocodilegames.com/secure/items/WGE-322.jpg


Granted at DV 8 and 44 pups I doubt anyone will ever field a Lupine Pup anyway, but you never know!

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I know the datacard for Feral Pups only lists a single model, but since it's an adept we can freely take advantage of the proxy rules and end up with with a mixed number of soldiers that have similar but different sculpts just from the DHL line.

I suggest:

02872: Male Were Wolf

02863: Female Werewolf

02747: Jean Paul Werewolf



The low DV does suck. Luckily everything else in the army has a large base and can block LOS to the little guys.


I recommend using them in pairs for any troop. Attack the opponents strong hero or leader with these and a more expensive model. They'll give you the support bonus and I find the opponent using defensive strikes on the model that is harder to hit while he still has the larger mav.

Using Frenzy is optional. On the big guys they sometimes need a 10 even with support, so the 3 extra attacks they get by Frenzy can be handy.



My biggest problem with them is that I like the Wolves better. Disable when using the same tactic I described above is flat out awesome. I'll happily give up a #MA for an opponent to lose one of his.

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Here is a quick idea:


Troop 1:


2x line breakers

3x feral lupines

3x wild wolves


Troop 2:

Female slayer Cpt

Corm (holy symbol, cure 4, 2x cure 2)

3x slayers

3x wild wolves


Troop 3:

Female Slayer cpt

4x wild wolves




3 troops, 4 cards, 22 models, 1499 points


wild wolves disable lowers the DIS value of their targets as well as their MAs, which they can either use by themselves, or they can use to help lower the chances of an enemy passing the slayer's shock charges.


No secret as to tactic, take advantage of disable as much as possible to attack things and not let them attack back to be able to compete against the larger number of models they will be facing.

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I have to admit I think the discipline penalty is often overlooked with regard to Disable.


Distract + Shock looks like a very viable option.


If a shock and Disable mode both based a defender at the same time I would question the sequence of play and whether or the Shock roll was made prior to the Distract taking effect. It seems tough to determine based strictly on the wordings of both SA.


Disable takes place before the current combat (according the FAQ), so I'd guess that it would indeed affect the Discipline roll for a Shock model that charges at the same time as that discipline rolls looks to be part of the combat...maybe? Seems like a wildly powerful combo though. Would be nice to get this officially clarified but I think as it reads it would work.


Attention Crusaders, if this does hold true a troop of War Dogs + Lion Lancer's would be seriously nasty!


Still waiting for someone (anyone) to post a viable 1000 point Koborlas list?

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Still waiting for someone (anyone) to post a viable 1000 point Koborlas list?


I had given a list during pre-beta testing that had cubs, gnats(turned little people-halflings, bsg, goblins) and wolves that were all 2 and three track models, I also suggested a sub-culture within the lupines of druids that were Bull Ork size and a giant based solo that was a turned ogre. The SAs were mostly Warmaster, leap, fs andbackstab on the druids. It was designed to hopefully lower the cost of a force making them more fieldable. But I think the current list was already pretty far under way at that point.


I think at this point any new model they get will have to be pretty cheap. I guess it would be a way to work some kind of half turned on standard bases into the game.


The SA was called the Howling, it was a mercy type thing but different where yoiu could turn a stunned model into a Rager on its last track.

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I'm not sure I see Lupines as traditional Werewolves though, infecting people through the countryside as they go, more like natural shapeshifters.


I suppose the typical Highlanderish Clansman would be right at home amongst them, perhaps not every member of the clan is blessed the the shape shifting gift, which would open the door for a few human models to bolster their ranks.

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I just saw the figures for Aislynn and the Lupine Sentry and I think that Aislynn look really cool. The Sentry looks interesting, but the positioning of his right foot bothers me. The way it's curled under doesn't look right to me. Maybe I just need to see it up close, like I do Kainus. He looks pretty cool too, but in the picture it looks like his lower jaw is metal and there's something about his head in general that's throwing me off.

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