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They are magnificent sculpts, but I can't get into the concept of dog or wolf people. Our GM has removed them from his game universe from too many jokes about them eating other animals' feces. Shame, really.

Reintroduce them, but set the mood by them eating cute cuddly animals. But instead of animals like rabbits go for something like Gnomes.


I'm super pumped to see these models come out so fast. The only thing left is the Hero elite.


If the faction is ever expanded more what would you guys like to see?

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I will say that between Reaper's Lupines and Rackham's Wolfen, you can really assemble a cool army of these critters. I traded some Wolfen for painting services to a friend who did just this. They actually look pretty cool together, but this was before Reaper started really fleshing out the line.


I'd love to see this faction, and while we're at it, all of the Warlord armies, statted out for Chronopia.


Glad you're getting your sculpts.

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I have 10 Wolfen models to use for anything large, and 4 DHL goblin wolves and 3 Reven Beastriders to use as Wildwolves and tons of standard based stuff for pups.


So, what would be a good list for 1500, I'm not into casting or range.



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Are the Koborlas going to be part of the Savage North?


Are they going to be available for open Beta testing anytime soon.


A friend of mine really wants to get into Warlord, but wants to run the wolves, so doesn't want to start till they are available.


1) Yes, most definitely


2) I know that they are in closed beta at this time. No idea how soon it will be before a more open beta will made available. Gus will likely chime in with more information on this.


3) Have him start, but use his wolves as proxies with another army for the time being. Reven Bull Orc Berzerkers and Ogres Beastriders would probably be a good alternative data card in the interim so he can learn the rules.

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Drake and Ferret,


The first thing i see is...


You are local... and yet you dont come game with us?


Be there tonight... Reaper HQ starting around 6:30pm...


We gather every Friday night.


Actually I love the idea of people helping to spread the wod by playing in different local stores. But, at the same time playtesting in public is a little different. So, yep, come up to Reaper HQ and join the test gang.

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yeah mainly local... I used to come up there and paint on Saturdays but life got in the way... haven't really gamed in like2 months... stupid life... someone... kill it.


tonight eh? I will try to make it up there tonight. How late do you guys play normally?

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