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Razig's Revenge

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Welcome back for another year. Land ho maties! Prepare the long boats we're going ashore. I know yer out there laddie and I'm coming for ye. Vile, wretched scurvy dog! Think to come after me treasure boy? Yer only prayer is that the boys get you before I do. Then you've all eternity to spend at the oars. I'll work you til yer skin and bones, and then nothing but bones, just like the rest of me boys.


For historical reference, feel free to view the past Faction discussions:

Razig's Revenge 2007

The Dark Maiden 1.2

Avast Ye, Scurvy Dog!

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My crab isn't even assembled, let alone painted. At least I got that far with the wereshark. Sadly, I've played no games with Razig in a long time; I've been tied up testing out other armies and combinations. I'd be interested to see how people have fared with Razig in RC08.



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Not sure - I am having trouble coming up with something I think can compete. I may end up borrowing an army, but would rather bring my own.


I was thinking Dark Maiden with crows / scurvey dog / crewman, cannon, Willy w/ 5 marines, sharkboy, blackknife w/ crew. Or something along those lines. Not much has movement in the list, and any scenario that requires getting across the table kind of sucks. Most of the models are pretty fragile, too, IMO.


I own:


3 cannon

dark maiden

about 20 crewmen

3 harpooners


scurvey dog


murder of crows

crows nest willy

5 marines

grim pete

8 dire rats / rat swarms


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