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Witchblade....the anime

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Ok let me state this right up front I am not an anime fan. There are a few I will watch, but for the most part it tends to bore me. While at Gen Con this past year I caught the first episode of the Witchblade anime. I was familiar with the comic and thought it sounded cool while I waited for the hentia voiceover to start. I thought it had some nice action, plus who does not love a nearly naked woman with a tounge stud and bladed high heels?


I just borowed the entire series from a buddy. After about the 3rd episode I could care less about the action and nakedness but the story had me hooked. Much of the series deals with the relationship between a mother (the wielder of the blade) and her daughter and the people they interact with. The story was very powerful and later episodes where action free but still interesting. The ending was somewhat predictalbe but still moving.


I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

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Forgiveness brother, but I have to comment.


I love Anime; I am, however, by no means an expert or conni...coina... ...expert.


I started watching Anime back in in 81 or so; I never caught Gigantor or any of that- and I consider G-Force (Battle of the planets) Mainstream Anime.


In my adult years (I feel fairly certain I am there, despite my love of after-work cartoons and inability to ignore action figures when I stroll through Wally-world) I have found that I am far more particular in my animation selections.


I absolutely love Cowboy Bebop.

FullMetal Alchemist is without equal.


Unfortunately I pre-ordered Witchblade expecting wonderful things, but was disappointed. The animation is top-notch, as is the dubbing/voice-acting, direction, etc. But the theme left me cringing. Replace blood with sexual-based fluids and expressed to great gratuity and that is just the start.


To be completely fair I did not give it the chance that you did, and mayhap I am missing out; but I need to be able to watch a series from beginning to end- episode one on, unfortunately I cannot do that with this one.


For those that read this post- please formulate your own opinion, I am merely sharing my own. I absolutely love animation, I have argued that the medium is worthy of adult scrutiny and enjoyment, but I felt that the theme of this particular series (at least the beginning, again, I only have two discs and I could not bear loading the second) is a bit beyond my particular taste.


To be fair, the moments between the mother, daughter, and freelance reporter were very good. The only parts I didn't care for were the action scenes (which normally are my favorite...).


Beo, I am not attempting to knock your review, only share my opinion- and if you like, I will gladly send you the collectors box and first two disc (a one-time opportunity!) at my expense (just PM me). We all share differing views, else the world would be a boring place indeed.


all regards and respect,


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Do you know of a good anime site? Ideally it would be searchable by types, like giant robots, mobile suits (the powered armor type) etc., or demon fighters. I love the Infinity scifi mobile suit/landmate minis but I only have a few because they are pricey, and I don't know anyone in Chicago who plays.


Ghost in the Shell and Appleseed are my favorites for sci-fi, and Lodoss War for fantasy. All have great art and story lines. The original Blood (movie) is great and Blood Plus is cool too.


I've seen a bunch of Witchblade episodes and think the art is good but there's way too much chatter and not enough splatter, and the fights are so similar as to be interchangeable.

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I've been DVR'ing it. Its on every Friday night at 10PM CST (maybe 10:30) on IFC or one of the other lesser-known movie channels that COX Digital Cable carries. Like Beowulf, I'm not an anime fan, but I did read Witchblade for the first year or so of the comic, so I was interested in seeing what the cartoon was like. The story has kept me hooked, despite the boring action sceens.

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Love Anime, but I'm more of a fantasy - anime fan. Love The Slayers and Record of Lodoss War the most out my collection. But Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw star are equally good.

I've read some of the comic though, friend of mine is a huge comic book fan and also one the worlds biggest perverts so he lent me a load of different types of comics so I could use them to draw from, one them was Witch Blade which I actually liked reading the most out the ones he gave me. So when I heard there was an anime done of it I was curious to see if it had any reference to the comics.... which it didn't. Worst download I have ever had the time to look for and watch, as far as the animation goes, its not bad, though I am not a fan of the modern day interpretation of anime with this CGI additive. Old school for me any day the week.

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Yeah that's one great series and to be honest the only modern day series that I actually liked (read above), shame its only 13 epi's long :(


Edit: looking at the list, how on earth does Naruto come in #32??? and then the program it's ripped off come in at #186?? And Akira @ #98!!!

The blokes who made that list are well an truly out of their minds.

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The list is based on viewer votes, and is updated every 15 minutes. The people there are crazier than we are. It can get snooty- in elite anime fan circles, Akira is considered mediocre at best. Apparently tentacle rape really brings down the scores. I always held the Legend of the Overfiend series in high esteem, but they trashed that one too.


To each their own. It certainly serves as a starting place to find more stuff though.

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