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How About A Black Triad?

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This is in no way an official post, so ignore the word 'Reaper' by my name for this. ::):

Seeing as how I'm 9000 miles away from Reaper, I can't say for sure, but looking at the different pro-paint blacks, they sure look like master series liners to me, or at least very close. ::):

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Mentioned this in another thread, but will put it here as well--the new "blacks" in Pro Paints are similar colors to the MSP liners, BUT they are the same consistancy as normal paints, thicker and more opaque, not more fluid and translucent like the liners.


I may do a blacks triad in MSP's, but have not decided yet if one is strictly needed...if I want more "body" to my Brown Liner I just add Walnut or a drop of Pure Black. :;):



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I usually use the Walnut Brown is a warm black as it is.


I've read that some (including Derek?) use a mix of the Blue Liner and Gray Liner as a cool black.


So, I'm not entirely sure that a black triad is really needed.


On the other hand, a Mediterranean (olive-ish) skin tone triad would be most welcome. ::):



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  • Artists

I'd be on board for more skin tones, absolutely! I find the Tanned triad to be kind of cold and would enjoy more of an orangey-brown skin as well as the olive suggestion.

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Brown Liner is my black. It is smooth and very dark after two coats -- at least the batch of paint in the bottle that I have. I don't think I've even opened my Pure Black for months. When I've wanted something darker/colder than Brown Liner (such as lining for steel or silver NMM, or the base coat for the iridescent black dress of my Bourbon St Sophie), I've just added Blue Liner 1-to-1.


Overall, I don't think that a black triad for the Master Series would be useful. Just add a drop of some other color to the black of your choice (Pure Black, Brown Liner, whatever) -- a similar reason for not having pastels ("just add a drop of color to white").



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