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How to blend by olliekickflip

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Thanks very much Ollie

After much serching and reading on how to blend i came across your tutorial on the subject

and its the best one out, as i now understand how its applied, even so i'll have to get use to the idear that of the more pressure the less paint and less pressure more paint if thats right? If its wrong then please correct me as im new to the minitature painting world

You should make a dvd on painting minis step by step on subjects like blending plus all the other dark secrects

Once again thanks very much for taking the time to put it together

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wow, am I glad I took a random look in the painting tutorials forum tonight! I'd forgotten this was here, and it's fantastic. Thanks to Ollie and all the respondents to this thread; I'm gonna have to try all of this crazy wetblend madness...see what it can do for me.

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You know I didn't realize this was written by A-a-ron until a couple weeks ago. So I'm glad I took his nmm class and mostly worked blending with him (my first try at wet-blending, too!).


This should be required reading for everyone who wants to paint minis!

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This tutorial has helped me a great deal. I haven't really mastered the technique by any means, but I have begun using it, and a wet palette, and my painting looks better than I had imagined it might do after all these years. 


I'm going along nicely, though I am still really rusty, and hope to finish the mini I'm working on and start on some others very soon. 

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