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We all know that white sees a lot of use for lightening other colrs, and I've know for a while that VMC Smoke is wonderful for lots of things, but lately I've noticed a few other colors being very useful as well.


These are all VMC unless noted.


Cork Brown. This is a light tan brown, and holy cow, I use it all the time.

Chocolate Brown & Flat Earth.

A light yellow sandy tan (my dog ate the label).


Deep Yellow, Lt. Yellow, and Ice Yellow (this is almost a triad)

Olive Green, Lime Green, and and Yellow Green (another "triad")


I'm aware from color theory that tans are neutral colors that work well with anything, not to mention that lots of historical items are brown (leather , wood, and mud, for example) so that probably explains the Cork Brown/Flat Earth/Smoke, but I paint lots of things red, blue, and dark green as well, but don't find myself with empty bottles of these colors.



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Top Posters In This Topic

German Camo Black/Brown, Hull Red, Green Ochre, Carmine Red, Vermillion, Prussian Blue, Cork Brown and Medium Olive. All VMC. These get the most use for me.


BTW In the Fuentes article on the Vallejo site they list many trios that work well together.


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Danmed if I know why, but I go through a good bit of the Olives triad and almost as much of the Bloody triad. I've barely touched my Golden Blonde.


Oh.. and then there's the RPP Volcano Brown... excellent for painting bare earth on bases. Seems all my minis reside on or around Vesuvius.

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RMS - Chestnut Brown

RMS - Walnut Brown

RMS - Brown Liner

RMS - Blue Liner

RMS - Ruddy Leather (belts and leathery things get this a lot)

RMS - Ghost White/Linen White (to lighten cold and warm colors respectively)

P3 - Exile Blue

VMC - Cork Brown


These all seem to get used a lot. A list of my favorite colors though would be somewhat different...

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This is probably in order of most used. Black is listed because I use it to finish bases. I rarely use it to paint models. I love RMS liners.


VGC Black (mainly for the edge of bases)


RMS Brown Liner

RMS Grey Liner

VMC Camo Black Brown

VMC Chocolate Brown

VMC Ivory

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