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Neb'nesew Ne'pet (aka "Mr.Creepy Feet")

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That is a nice piece of work!


..and now the name is stuck forever in my brain.. damn, it dislodged the last little bit of calculus I had managed to hang on to all these years...


I must cast a vote for the use of color as well, excellent stuff!

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It was generally agreed by the Magic players and I that this mini has some seriously creepy feet, and they're not really that original when it comes to nicknames so he became Mr. Creepy Feet.


I'm really glad you like it, Vutpakdi! He was really fun to paint ::D:


The color choice was kind of set since Ron wanted Nefsokar minis for his army and his army is Marine Teal. The skintone was my best attempt at Egyptian skin meets undead, creepy-footed, unwrapped mummy. The cloak was the my habitual abuse of the Terran Khaki triad, the basecoat was Khaki Highlight. Yet to paint a mini that hasn't used that Triad ::P:

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