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ReaperCon 2007 Sophie


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I decided to add some more sci-fi wings from the old I-Kore Vasa Archangels. =) The angle of her face made her very difficult to take nice pictures of the majority of her body. Also, she's still a bit shiny in places - she's in the garage drying from another coat of dullcote, so I will probably be updating pictures tomorrow. She'll be on her way to Anne soon for auction.


I've been working on her since February, so I'm gald she's finally done!! :)










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Wow, fantastic job!

The choice of using the VASA Archangel wings was absolutley perfect!

I've never been a huge fan of the wings she comes with, the wings you chose compliment her better thean the ones she comes with!

The colours you chose for her are perfect.

I have to say this is probably my favorite version of the '07 Sophie.

All around awesome!

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Thanks. :) The Vasa wings were probably my third choice. I wanted to do some swooping hawk wings from GW Eldar (or Dark Eldar?), but they didn't fit properly. Then I thought of doing some sisters of battle jump packs or seraphim "wings", but they weren't quite right either. Finally, I dug these wings out and they fit right.. :) I probably could have made the other wings work with more carving and resculpting of the hair, but I didn't feel up to it..:)



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