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Evil is winning in Taltos


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Stubbdogs right that coming up with a good faction is hard to do. I've got a number of other faction ideas that are neutral or evil.


I do think that a lot, if not all of our suggestions thus far have been really unique. Far more unique than what is already in the game as far as good factions. Humans, Elves and Dwarves are soo overplayed.

So far we've got:

Warrior Monks,

Hive Mind Insects,

Elemental based monsters,

Good Undead,

Greek/Roman with Minotaurs, half-elves, and humans,


Blade Sisters,


Halflings and Dragons,

and Gealen Highland Northern Barbarians.



In my perfect Adon/Taltos we would blow up the factions and permanatly solidify who the warring parties are in the game. Make them diverse enough to expand on without needing to discontinue the entire faction. My list of new factions would break down like this:


  • The greek/Roman faction that I'm dying to play. (minotaurs being a race used often for models)
    • A holy cow sublist could be TOTALLY possible here!

    [*]The elves would split. Good Undead and Grey elves become a faction. The Warrior Monks would be a sect of grey elves, perhaps even a sublist within the larger faction.

    [*]The Blade Sisters would be fleshed out as a sub-list of Mercs.

    [*]Celestials would be a sub-list of Crusaders.

    [*]Halflings and Lesser Copper dragons. These two forces unite just for survival.


  • Gealen Highland Northern Barbarians. Who doesn't love the shirtless barbarians who are only concerned with keeping their feet warm in giant furry shoes.
  • A primitive African inspired army. Large shields with tribal paintings and exotic masks. Lots of spears and tons of thrown ranged attacks. Short ranged throwing spears and a relegious connection to feline beasts would be their marking. Large cats to ride, small cats as soldiers, feral lions as monsters.


  • The Hive mind insects are the perfect expansion for the Blood Stone Gnomes. Sublist ready.
  • Corrupted Japanese themed faction. Fallen samurai, shadowy monks, and lethal ninjas ooze evil and take the Ogres and Imps of japanese lore into their fold. This leaves plenty of room for the faction to work and look totally different from the asian inspired Reptus.
  • A Magic addicted, construct building, diseased infested, human faction. Weak bodies and almost no human warriors. Very heavy in mages. No fliers. Large evil constructs fill their warrior role. Some humans are half construct and everything in their land is rotton as their consumed with magic.

The only thing I left out from above ideas, I think, are the elementals. They are already scattered through out other factions so I would keep it that way.


Just my .02

I've had all that swirling in my head for awhile now.

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If there is any race that is overplayed, it's humans. They are everywhere! :)

I would expect undead to be common in a nation torn with war. They would be an almost limitless resource of soldiers.

I guess the reason I don't have a problem with another undead race is because of how different the undead are in this game. We're not talking about most games where undeath means mindless servitude to a ruthless necromancer... This is Taltos where it takes a whole new face.


Necropolis: Undeath is the same old. We use your broken corpse to feed our growing legion, like it or not. Enter Fear of Undeath, and I would be for these guys.


Razig: Close to the same old, but with a twist. They can recruit unwilling victims, but I see it as a rarity. Only so much room on the ship and They are ruled by pure hate and revenge making their undeath just different enough in my eyes.


Nefsokar: Now we're mixing it up. The warriors once laid to rest return because their god needs their aid. Some even return as leaders once their undead bodies fall in battle, continuing their fight.


Overlords: Undeath is practically seen as a promotion. Take the best warriors and if they perform well, you get to work with Ashkrypt... permanently!



The undead elves, would be something of a mix between Nefsokar and Overlords. A promotion only taken because your numbers are few and your country needs you. Never forced but determination among soldiers is high so most of their soldiers must die twice before being truly released.


A new undead faction would also help make use of those models with the smite ability. Right now they can't use in on any good factions... Lets add one for them :)

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I like the African idea. They could come from Malapango or whatever it's called. They could incorporate the DHL apes.


There are plenty of DHL Angels to make a Crusader sublist. Especially if you add in the Death Angels and Deva and Shadow Angel. The evilish ones may seem like they wouldn't fit but they could. They aren't evil really, they just perform an unpleasant function, but keep the universe in balance.


@ Stubdog


To me Dwarves and BSGs are nothing like halflings other than the are all short. Although I haven't played since halflings were hobbits, but back then D&D had 6 playable races . Three of them were halflings, dwarfs and gnomes and back then they were all very different. I think as long as halflings are a playable race in D&D, there will always be a lot of interest them in threads like this, because so many mini players start in roleplaying.

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Please, no undead elves. I had enough of that in the Warlord CCG. And as others have mentioned, plenty of undead already exist.


For more goodness, add a good subfaction to the Mercenaries, as already been suggested.


They already have a good subfaction. The Sisters.

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The DHL Derro would make a pretty sweet little mini faction in my mind.


I like the Derro models. Since they generally live around or in Duergar populated areas. Maybe a Dark Dwarf faction that included all three could happen.

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