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A Friend and A Foe

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A couple years ago, when I could finally clear my schedule for Gen Con, I took advantage of a lot of the mini painting classes. I mean, I took something like two per day. This old GW Terminator was a result of some of the things I learned. I was going to use him as a PC mini for an Exalted game I was playing in. Ikazuchi was a warrior mage, who claimed the colors of a stormy sky as his own. I had to cut and file off the bolter that was part of the original sword, but I'm still pretty happy with him. The sword itself was an early attempt at NMM gold.




The second mini is something I painted for a store competition. I had intended on using her as a foe for the PCs in my T20 Iron Kingdom's game. Alas, with my work schedule the way it is, that game has been put on hiatus. Still, I thought she should see the light of day.




I apologize for the slight focus issues of the pictures. I have narrowed the problem down to the camera I use. Its a point and shoot, and I'm making it do things (macro shots) that it really wasn't designed for. My wishlist has a new camera on it, but with the spring arriving, that camera is sitting behind a new fly rod, and a bunch of new minis that will be available at Gen Con this year.


Thanks for checking these out!



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