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DHL 3098 Astrid the Chronicler


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The theme for this round was: "So that is why they call it the blues..."


Well, the last couple of weeks have been extremely busy at work, and several late nights from that so teh deadline for this contest kinda snuck up on me.


Anyway, I found a model I liked, and I remembered that DARKSTAR had an awesome version that he did.


So, I pulled it up to help give me inspiration for working mine. Difference is, his is awesome and flawless. Mine has lots of things that need to be re-worked, but I can say that I am still very happy with my results considering I got mine done in 2 nights worth of painting (roughly 7 total last minute type hours).


Anywho, gonna give the link over to the contest so you can see mine as well as the others...


Iron painter five round one entry

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