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Looking for "Holy Grail" of minis

Sparrow's Tail

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Hey there, :unsure:


I am wondering if anyone knows where I might locate a surplus Wolfen Prowler its by Rackham

and I know they are scarce but thought I would put it out there.

I know it's a long shot. But hey someone may have a lead.

I apoligize if this is not an appropriate request for this board.

p.s. Willing to trade or purchase.


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I had one until a couple weeks ago and painted it for a friend. I guess I'll use my other ten Wolfen for Warlord Lupines.

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Hi John,

It is named Wolfen Prowler, nothing else.

He's the Samurai looking wolf guy that has one foot leaning on his huge samurai style sword in scabbard,

holding a smaller curved sword in his hand.

He has robes from head to toe and is carrying a bow with a quiver of arrows on his back / side.


I know this line has been temporarily? discontinued; a real shame since they are all quite spectacular.


Anyway the search continues.


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I got all excited for a minute, thinking I had one for ya, but no. I have several metal Wolfens, but not that one. I will keep my eyes open for ya.


I am also looking for a mini. This one is my own personal Holy Grail. I want the LE 2004 Christmas Angel from Freebooter. Anyone out there able to help me?

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I think I found one for ya! Not sure , but I think the fig in the lower left hand corner is the one you are looking for! You would have to buy the whole lot of course. If you don't want the whole lot, you and I could split it.




*crosses fingers for you*



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Hello Jen ::):

Thank you for taking the time.

I will keep an eye on the auction and see how the budget goes and touch base with you.

That is in fact the mini I am looking for.

I like the idea of sharing the lot since

I just got three new Wolfens that I am working on.

Hope the price doesn't shoot up over the

next few days.

Thanks again for your efforts ::D:

p.s. good eye :rock:


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