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Ooo, I really like how you did this skin on this, it's very atmospheric! Her face is fantastic. I think the colour on the hair works really well with the rest, but it maybe needs a bit more highlighting to compete with the vivid colours.

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Thanks everyone for the kind words. I was shooting for worn out fancy dress with faded colors. I pictured her as a jilted half elf that got left at the alter. She then spent the rest of her life looking for her ex using the dark arts.


@Wren - Duely noted. I was hoping to pull off an unkept drab hair to keep with the theme of the mini.

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Thanks again everyone.



Care to share the colors used? Thanks.


Colors for skin are as follows using Reaper Master Series Paints:


Shadow: Drop of water, 4 drops Fair shadow, 1 drop True blue. - mix very well. The this combo wanted to separate on me but a good mixing did the job.


Mid tone:Drop of water, 4 drops Fair skin, 1 drop Sky blue. - mix very well


Highlight: Drop of water, fair Highlight.


All applied thinly and allowed to dry before the next color was added.

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