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Reaper Con 2008

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Top Posters In This Topic

Round 1 (Spies Among Us) has been completed:

Jason Pape 	11	vs	Chris Carlson	N/A
David Gregoff	7.84	vs	Daren Puryear	5.9
Merlon Clemmons	8.99	vs	Paul Coxe		6.2
Richard Singleton	5.93	vs	Dan Richardson	5.21
Michael Kielty	7.14	vs	Alexander Coxe	11.73
Sean Kielty	5.29	vs	Eric Haberkany	5.42
Tim Tressler	6.84	vs	Kim Vejlin		7.36


Second round will be seeded based on Swiss pairing.


I will be posting up copies of people's lists later this evening for people that are interested.


More in about another hour.

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Round 2 (Swamp of Sorrows) has been completed. Updated standings:


Jason Pape	15.5	26.5	vs	Angela Pratt	2	2
Alexander Coxe	1.62	13.35	vs	Merlon Clemmons	17.14	26.13
David Gregoff	8.18	16.02	vs	Kim Vejlin	Vejlin	8.02	15.38
Michael Kielty	14.14	21.28	vs	Tim Tressler	3.84	10.68
Paul Coxe		1.28	7.48	vs	Richard Singleton	16.1	22.03
Daren Puryear	15.4	21.3	vs	Eric Haberkany	1.6	7.02
Sean Kielty	2.1	7.39	vs	Dan Richardson	13.6	18.81


Second column is the score for the round. Third column is the total score for the tournament.

As you can see, it's a really tight race with 5 people within 5 points of first place, and there are 8 people within 10 points, which means almost anyone could win, place or show at this time.


Blood flows red on the tables as Round 3 has begun with Ravilax's Wrath!

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Sorry for not posting the final results. The awards ceremony started up about 1 minute after the tourney concluded. And well, once it was a few hours late, nothing would hurt it if I waited until I got home :lol:


I have everyone's tournament lists. I will be posting full army lists of all participants so you can Monday Morning Quarterback everything :lol:


Yes, Jason fielded the Bloodstone. I think if he didn't, the smacktalk would still be going on today :lol:

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My List:


Overlord Default


Troop 1:


6 Warriors

3 Spearmen

2 xbowmen


Troop 2:

Blackguard Captain

5 Warriors

3 Spearmen

2 xbowmen


Troop 3:


5 warriors

3 spearmen

2 xbowmen


Troop 4:



Troop 5:

Onyx Golem


34 Models

5 Troops

2 Tacticians

1 Spy


The idea was to test how well the new Do Your Duty worked, and I think it worked well. Xailor did a lot better than I had expected him to.

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My gnomes:


Troop 1: (9, 386)

Kurand (2x firestorm, counterspell, bless, divine vigor)

8x Guards - musician


Troop 2: (7, 246)


6x Pulgers - musician


Troop 3: (8, 249)


4x Hoks

3x Pulgers - musician


Troop 4: (7, 220)


4x Pinners

2x Pulgers


Troop 5: (7, 247)


4x T Knights - musician

2x Pulgers


Army Equipment: (1, 150)

Battle Totem


5 troops, 38 models, 2 tacticians, 1 spy, 1498 points


Use the faction FA to get to at least a little closer before popping gopher heads above ground. Flanking on either side to keep the enemy corralled a bit, then pop up with the warlord and his spells, and bum rush the rest.


1st game was the spies game against the Overlords (with 9 crossbows and about the same again in Chevies). Obviously killing the enemy was second priority. Focusing on the spies was first. Since we started in the corners and the crossbows only had a 24 inch range (and had to stand still to get their crit shot) I did not worry about them at first. I spread out underground as best I could with my own archers and spellcaster as close to the middle as I could get them so that they could do something to those very fast spies. With their speed and RANGER moves, I was able to get my own spies over to the far edge of the table to limit my opponent's ability to charge them (even with his 14 inch chevy shock charge). He got the card flip and was able to charge a couple of them, but not all of them.


I used spells and archers to weaken his spies and then got the right card flips to be able to charge in after that and finish off 4 of his 5 spies in melee. On the other side of the table I had enough troops to be able to charge the few chevies that were able to tie up my spies and knock them over. And lastly got the crucial card flip that allowed me to run my spies off the table before his chevies regrouped and swarmed me again.


While all this was going on, his crossbows had gotten into range and were decimating my army with his ability to do 2 points of damage with each shot. I won the scenario, but had this been a fight to the end game, I think he would have crushed me due to those crossbows.




Game 2: Swamp of Sorrows.


I played against crusaders here. Even tho this was game 2, I actually played this game first early in the morning a my opponent had a class and I was helping her to be able to make that. Unfortunately, her list was illegal (got caught by the number of elites to models ratio in two troops). So, she had to do some quick revamping of her list and s I am sure completely changed her game plan last second.


This time the tactics were pretty straight forward, I had 5 troops and there were 5 points to control. I sent a troop at each with my archers sitting and shooting from range and caster going to the middle place and flinging firestorms in each direction. My opponent, cast a hold spell within 6 inches of my warlord and I was able to zap it. She still rolled good enough to get a couple of my guys, but not all of them. She then turned around and cast a couple of good fireballs into me. But, she got stuck in the mud with her main troop and by then I already had people in place on 3 of the 5 spots. She got one all to herself, and we wrestled for the last one, my archers making the difference of knocking her down a couple tracks. So, I won thescenario controlling 4 spots.



Game 3: Wrath

I was playing against a bunch of shooty elves in the forest no less. Luckily for me, I did have the faction ability to start the game burrowed. Pretty much straight forward bum rush tactics for the most part. I burrow rushed up field to the left side and right side with a little up the middle to minimize his abity to use his elf speed to just run and shoot all day. I caught another break that he did react to my flanking rush and he circled the wagons on his table edge. So whn I did pop my head up above ground, I had gotten the last card on one turn and the first card on the next turn to put 2 good firestorms right in the middle of that stable. I think I averaged about 9-10 victims in each of those spells. Not enough to kill him, but put a good hurt anyway.


Due to the fact that I had 5 troops and he had like 7 troops, all this movement and such to get all the way across the table took a lot longer than either of us thought it did and also created lower kill numbers, as we both thought we were playing relatively fast, but then Qwyk calls out "15 minutes left..." and we were like crap...


At the point when Qwyk called that out, I was winning probably 300 points to 50 points (I had swarmed and killed his two tree men when my guys surfaced). In that last 15 minutes we both just started scrambling and since he did still have a ton of archers on the table, wounded or not, he made up ground quickly. I think the end score was something like 430 to 375. Granted I became reckless in that last 15 minutes, as I over estimated how damaged they were from those firestorm spells, I ran in blindly, right into his point blank range... I had thought I would run in there to get some extra points since neither of us had killed much from the other, but instead I ended up making it much tighter than I should have.



And there you have it... the Stubbdog game summary... A few card flips here or there and each of those games would have turned out very different.

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Richard brought his healing crusader list that I have seen him dominate with at several different monthly tourneys. Something to the tune of 13 healers (leaders and adepts with healer), a handful of lion lancers, and a wall of templar knights. I think he actually did tweak his list to include a merc contigent of merc xbows and uber archer. Not sure as I never played him, just saw his games from afar.


Dan, the man who took third, took something like 30 crusader archers. It was funny cause he actually proxied 30 prepainted plastic skeleton achers to use for them.


But, my favorite army was the reven goblin army. Not for any other reason other than he proxied in a bunch of pumpkin warriors that he had top notch paint and conversion jobs on. They were awesome to look at.


Overall I would say that the changes that the 2008 Chronicle brought with it, definately brought back the archers into play. That was very clear on the battle field.


I had a blast at the tourney and not just cause I won.


But, there was one disapointing thing.... the turn out itself...


Only 14 players? That was really disapointing. Not to mention that like 8 of us were local people.


I was really looking forward o the tourney actually being bigger than last year, not smaller.

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Hey, man. My archers were not prepainted plastic! Never! They were all metal dressed in tissue stiffened with superglue and painted to represent the Knights of St. John, Teutonic Knights , Templars (historic), Kingdom of Jerusalem, and Hospitaliers (historic) all complete with tattered banners bearing latin insults. The idea was that Kristianna called forth long lost crusaders to form an emergency fighting company. Organization was:


Troop #1 (434 points)

Kris w/ Holy Symbol, Hold x 2 and Blessing x 2


6 Archers


Troop #2 (412 points)

Lord Ironraven

Val w/ Greater Familiar, Stun x 2, Counter Spell x 1 and Ice Shards x 1

6 Archers


Troops #3, #4, and #5 (217 points each)


5 Archers




1500 points


I also have a proxy Crusader army of Highlanders (see painting contest photos for Lady Macbeth's Retinue) but decided right before the con to make the skeleton dudes because I wanted to keep my army simple ( I am new to Warlord) and well, it was fun to paint them up and only took two days to create the entire company.


Spies Game

Richard and I both got all of our spies off. Mine with Damon nipping at their heels and I barely missed blocking his with Ironraven's Troop. We fought in the woods and no one engaged in close combat except when he overran my poor defenseless archers with that cruel Damon fellow. I kept Richard at a distance with stuns and holds and dropped a number of his guys who were all healed with the exception of one Hospitalier. I lost four archers. Richard won by a hair.



Sean schooled me with his Dwarves and cruelly dispatched Kris in a viscious, swarming melee. But I killed his flyer with Ironraven and archers and his burrower got stuck in the muck at a critical time. I barely won. Still not sure how.


Rav Wrath

Michael and I slaughtered each other's little guys. I shot him up real good but he got on my flank with those ugly cobra-looking guys and that hydra was a real pain. Luckily for me he ran out of spells after killing off an entire troop with fire storms. I barely won again.


I had a great time. I also thought the Goblin guys were cool with all the pumpkins and the guy with the pink slipper.


Great fun. There was no lawyering. No disputes. Just fun. One last thing. Dudes, paint your figures! I have since painted a skeleton dragon to proxy for the Guardian Beast of Aurellius that I picked up at the boneyard (along with 28 pounds of other minis) and I presently have 2 primed Barrow Wardens (Sir Malcolm), Cerberus minus snakes for the Hound of Judgment, and 5 skeleton dogs for War Dogs on the painting desk. Back to them. Where did I put my reading glasses . . .

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My Crusader force was as follows:


Troop 1:

Sir Brannor

Sir Damon

Templar Knight x 3

Templar Ironspine x3 (w/ unit standard)

War dog x 3


Troop 2:

Sir Brannor

Templar Knight x 3

Templar Ironspine x 3


Troop 3:

Sir Conlan

Templar Ironspine x 3


Troop 4:

Sir Conlan

Templar Knight x 2

Templar Ironspine


Troop 5:

Sir Conlan

Templar Ironspine x 3


Troop 6:

Sir Conlan

Hospitalers x 4


Troop 7: (merc contingent)

Calindra Silverspell

Merc crossbow x 2

Merc warrior





Round 1: Spies among us. My opponent, Wowahboy, played a Crusader list sporting 30 ivy crown archers, Valandil, and Kristianna dressed in bondo gear. Fear the nuns of the heinous djabouti! Trying to protect your spies from a pair of spellcasters and a swarm of marksman 2 archers is a nightmare. I managed to do it by pulling them back behind my lines and marching them the long way around the board, with knights and a conveniently placed hill covering them. The hill and the woods across the middle of the map definitely played in my favor. I sent my mercs and Sir Damon to pick at his spies, but didn't manage to bag any. End result: we both got all of our spies off, and didn't kill too much of eachother's stuff, and neither of us scored very high in the first round. But in the end, we both managed to place in the tourney.


Round 2: The swamp. My opponent played Nefsokar. He had a big unit of Ammat devourers, a big unit of mummies, a couple of big melee characters leading them, a wizard, a cleric, a scorpion, and a dust devil. We both had hills in our back fields, but I had shooters and he didn't, which proved to be a significant factor. His wizard and cleric died early, since I was able to shoot over the heads of the troops that would otherwise be screening them. Sir Damon's unit got stuck in the mud 3 out of the 5 turns, and my other unit led by Sir Brannor got stuck for 2 turns. The Nefsokar didn't fare much better - the devourer unit got stuck at least twice, both at critical points in the game. The mud definitely dominated this game. I slowly picked at his units, using my healers to keep my guys on their feet as best I could. His low number of initiative cards hurt him - he ended up splitting the devourer unit to contest to control points. When all was said and done, I controlled four of the five control points, but three of those were hotly contested and it was a very near thing. The fact that I got the last move on the last turn was significant... but that's one of the advantages of swinging 7 initiative cards to 4.


Round 3: Ravilax. My opponent played an elf list sporting Argyrian, about a dozen centaur warriors (ouch!), a handful of archers, and a small unit of swordsmen. I've faced that list before, and don't recall ever having beaten it. Turn 1, I spread my troops out to minimize the effects of Argyrian's lightning blast. Due to terrain, my shooters didn't have a target other than Argyrian on turn 1, so I took those 3 crit shots and scored a 10 with one of them. On turn 2, Argyrian and his centaurs went berserk. Argyrian attacked a unit of my auxillairies and knocked most of them down, but my healers mitigated a lot of that. The berserk centaurs crashed my right flank, and that side of the map got progressively more bloody for the rest of the game. The elves targeted my hospitalers whenever they were able, and I don't think I had any of them left by the end of the game. My last hospitaler went berserk at one point and died swiftly to a convenient centaur. I swarmed Argyrian and put him down. Both I and my opponent were in our third day of intense gaming, and by the end of round 3 on day 3 we were both exausted and making mistakes. At the end of the game, I had racked up a higher body count than he did - barely. I really wasn't expecting to win that round.


Anyway, ReaperCon was awesome, and I'm already looking forward to next year.



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