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Some of my favourite Warhammers

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Hello all,


As suggested here are some pics of a few of my Warhammers. The first one is 'Cadeyrn' I thnk pronounced 'Kay-den', which is ancient Celtic for 'Battle King'. His mohawk I carved from Knead-it as I could not buy one as the figure that had it is discontinued.


Number two is my most recent Dark Angel and first attempt at one of the back mounted flags, so I picked an easy one.


Third is 'Avitus', ancient Roman meaning 'Ancestral'. An upgraded Black Templar, I love the upgrade kit, I think they should produce some for other the Space Marines.


The last one is my Dreadnought 'Ingvar' which is old norse meaning 'Warrior', his hands I carved myself again from Knead-it. Took a while to do this one as the parts didn't fit together, I felt a bit ripped off at AU$85. It's also My entrant for this year's Golden Demon, if it's good enough, may need more work.


Hope you like.

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Good form, to be sure, and I do like them all.


Paint seems a bit thick but your brush control is stellar.


Keep up the good work! :D

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