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Incredible Shrinking Reaper-ites


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I know the photos from ReaperCon were a bit of an eye-opener for me in how far I've fallen off the diet and exercise wagon. I think I fell into the ice cream wagon on the way.


On chat I found I wasn't alone in wanting to shed a few pounds and everyone seems to be using RCon 09 as the target for a set amount of weight.


So I figgered we could use this thread as both support and a monthly checkpoint to see how everyone is doing. Nothing too specific unless you want to but it's always fun to share "I lost 5 pounds!" with others who are trying to do the same thing.


Personally I need to dust off the stair machine in the basement. When I was using it for half an hour a day with minimal diet changes I lost three sizes in six months. That's not chump change and I'd be quite happy to do it again.


Who else is looking to do what?

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Well it took four years to get 50 pounds off that I'm glad to say I've kept off, though another 30 pound loss would get me to the goal I originally set for myself.


It's not just exercise but watching what you take in. I ate like a pig at Rcon, but typically I don't eat much. And I have to say part of this is due to wiring - I was always taught growing up that when someone buys you dinner you eat all of it to show your appreciation. Some wiring is harder to break than others.


Typical meal plan for work days that I've been following for some time now:

Breakfast: Oatmeal with raisins made with soy milk, and a mug of tea sweetened with splenda.

Lunch: Yogurt, V8, and a banana


Dinner: Whatever gets thrown together (This is the downfall here because when Dad is around the food isn't what I term healthy as he does most of the cooking and refusing to eat his cooking does not earn his good graces.) Right now he's out of town helping a friend so I'm cooking more which leads to better food choices.


It's good to want to lose weight, but let's not also lose sight of the fact that we are only as sexy and beautiful as we feel we are and portray ourselves to be. One can be just as sexy at 220 pounds as they can be at 120. It's all about attitude. I'm around 185-190, yet I had no issues doning fishnet stockings, a black velvet dress, and high heels at the con for my date, and you know what? I felt sexy. My boyfriend liked what I was wearing too and thought I was sexy as well.

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This isn't about how we feel about ourselves. The discussion was that we all (all being defined as those who said so) wanted to lose some weight. So I started the thread as encouragement.

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I know that I could sure stand to lose weight, not because of any horrid body images or anything, but more because it would be healthy. Better on my heart, my lungs, my joints, etc. It's not like I eat like a pig, but I have been sitting too much. So, my goal is to consume less sugar (without the pop machines at school, this should be easier) and move more. Work on the yard, the house, go for walks, etc. We'll see what happens, but the ultimate goal is to be healthier!

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I wasn't at the Con, and because of a conflict with an academic conference that I go to I probably won't make it in the future, but recently my wife and I have started a "get back in shape move." One big thing for us was the lack of walking in our everyday lives. Both of us come originally from walking cities, and so living here in Texas, where walking is, at best, difficult, has had a big impact on how out shape we were.


We have started to walk together in the morning before it gets too hot, and I have started to get back into some of the activities that I enjoy (hitting and getting his with sticks, mainly). For me, the idea of working out on a machine just happen as readily as doing an activity that I enjoy.


We don't have a weight in mind or anything, but I am hoping to have a more active lifestyle and to maintain that somehow through next year at least.

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What cbp said.

My "excersize program" has been moore off than on, but it is about keeping my hypoglycemia regulated so i don't sleep all the time and not getting diabetes (like my parents), high bp (like my brother), cancer, dementia, cooties, or whatever else extra weight causes this week.

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Count me in. Although I wasn't there this year, I definately need to cut myself in half. More, actually, but I'll settle for half at this point.


Unfortunately until my ankle heals (hopefully before my New Orleans trip in July) I won't be doing much walking. I sprained it pretty badly last night (I thought I was out of stairs and wasn't) and today at work has been unfun (big building).


My plans: Cut down on caffiene which means lesson my coffee intake to one cup in the morning. Cut out all sodas, even the diet. Just because it says diet doesn't mean it's good for you or that it will help you lose weight. Drink more water, it costs less (when from the faucet), is easily cooled with ice without dilution, contains zero calories, and generally has no bad things in it, especially if filtered.


Cut down on portion sizes. A portion of meat is about the size of a standard deck of playing cards. Cut down on additives to veggies (like butter, sugar, and salt). Cutting down on sodium content (read the label, even those nice and "healthy" Gardenburgers each have over 1000 mg of sodium), and reducing caloric intake. Once my ankle is sufficiently healed I'll start walking at work again during breaks. This will help me get around New Orleans (where I plan to do a lot of walking) and should help improve my back pain a little and burn calories.


If I can get the stationary bike in from the garage, I might do that, too, and spend about 30 minutes each evening on it.


Edit: Oh, and start taking my Synthroid again.

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Count me in too. There is about 40% of me that could go away.


Working with Dr and Psycholoist at present. Trying to figure out the "Why?" when I know what I need to do, do I not just do it.


Goal for today: Better attitude

Goal for tonight: Get on the treadmill!

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I've got 20 lbs that need to go. It would help if I excercised regularly for more then a week, got enough sleep, and ate better.


Actually if I could replace the flab with muscle, then I may not actually lose pounds, just fat.


I think I'll buy Wii Fit.

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Well, I didn't attend the con, but I could sure lose some weight.


This is my plan and stuff-


My stats:

6' tall

215 lbs

Athletic build (with a full size spare)


I get up every day at 4:30 and do Tai Chi

At lunch I walk/jog approximately 1.5 miles

When I get off work I try to stay busy until after 7pm- then I will paint, or read or something until bed time (currently 10 pm, aiming for 9...)

I just started back to Bally's so I will be working out at least three days a week (weight training - burns fat better than aerobic training)

I eat about six small meals a day - enough so that I am not hungry, but it keeps my body working to process the food (metabolizing).


My goal:

By July 19th (my 40th birthday) be down to 190 lbs (I hope to put on some muscle while losing fat), be able to run at least two miles at lunch time.


I used to hike, trail run, and mountain bike in the Rockies quite a bit, but haven't done so in a long time. So I will start back to hiking and trail running (biking just doesn't appeal to me any more) and I will go snowboarding this year for the first time in 8 years...


What can we do to offer encouragement? I am willing to do whatever I can to help whoever I can -

Share recipes?

Share workouts - what works and what doesn't?

I will definitely cheer on progress when shared ::):


At any rate, i hope I didn't mis-interpret the ideal behind this thread- if so, smack me in the head and I'll edit this sucka!



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I'm like 6'-1" and weigh somewhere between 170 and 180. I know most of you are like "GAG ME skinny boy!!" but hold up! ^_^


I am WAYYYYYYYYYYY out of shape and am starting to get a gut on me. Thank you Bud Select. :lol: I need to start exercising not to lose weight (although losing the gut would be nice) but to get in shape. I have one of those Gazelle Edges that my parents bought me for Xmas. I used it about a month and then fell off of the wagon...right onto a Bud Select. Dang... :devil:


I know my reasons are slightly different than most everyone else's, but I hope I can join the "fitness" club too! ::):


Wild Bill :blues:

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Both of us come originally from walking cities, and so living here in Texas, where walking is, at best, difficult, has had a big impact on how out shape we were.


Oh, Texas is TERRIBLE for that. I'm contemplating getting on a bike to work, for both the fitness and the gas-saving benefits, but the lack of footpaths/sidewalks made me think once. Add in the mix crazy Texans drivers made me value my life more than my money.


I personally have a goal to shape up by the end of the year. I get married in Australia :D

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