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Bonus feature on my mail order Sophie

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hehehe...and now you'll have to find another one so you can feel better about cracking the blister and painting it. I also thought it was acool idea when I found out the guys were doing this during order packing on Monday. Another reason to love Reaper Peeps!

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Ah, you beat me to it! I got my order yesterday, opened it up and went into kid-at-Christmas-mode, buzzing around the house and calling a friend to tell him what a great bunch our Reaper Peeps are. And thank you, Julie and Bob, for taking the time and effort to sign them - that's really cool!


"As an added bonus", and in keeping with the succubus theme, I had also ordered a DHL # 3246 - Chained Succubus by Bob Ridolfi. He signed that one, too! I don't mind a bit keeping that one aside and getting another one or two for painting.


:wub: Reaper :wub:

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Funny how that works. I bought some Hasslefree limited edition red resin models with a certificate of authenticity. Now I'll wait for the metal or resin release to buy and paint.


The collector in us will always insure we buy more; loyal customers will want some to open and paint/game with.

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