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Vallejo plastic putty

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I've used it, but I don't particularly like it for filling gaps. It's too difficult to sculpt it.


I do use it quite a bit for filling in the slots in bases.


The problem with using it to fill gaps is that it's too liquid to really be able to make it into a form, say a muscle or a scale. Greenstuff beats it for that purpose.


However, when it dries, it can be cut. It seems to be brittle, and not useful for carving


Again, I like it for filling gaps in my bases. Easier to use than breaking out the epoxy putty.



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If you want a good alternative to GS then I'd say go with Pro Create. I like that you can change it's properties to accommodate to a particular situation. And it's a bit less tacky than GS, but still holds to the model really well.

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The best use for plastic putty was the one I saw Jeremie demo at ReaperCon (when he was trying to convince me to produce an equivalent for Master Series!). Essentially, if you have something like a cloak or large smooth surface which is heat-pitted or otherwise rough, you can take a bit of plastic putty and smooth it over the area with your finger, rub off the excess when it has set, and voila! Instant smooth surface. ::): It fills in things like pits and fine cracks beautifully.


--Anne, back from the dea--err, ReaperCon, finally.

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