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Winning Figs From the Con


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Some very nice winning entries at RC '08. Thanks for uploading them so quickly, although I'm dying to see the Masters category.


Congratulations to all the Sophie winners! You are now proud owners of what I consider to be the best-looking mini-painting trophy in the world. ::D: For those that weren't fortunate enough to place, you get our gratitude for having the courage to enter in the first place. You should all be proud of your entries. We all have to start somewhere, after all. Keep your heads up and remember why you started painting in the first place. With more experience and practice, your painting skills will improve, and winning that elusive Sophie trophy won't seem as impossible a feat as you once may have thought. Above all else, mini-painting should be fun whether you're painting for competition or gaming.


My first, and only, Reaper Con was in '06 and I absolutely loved it. It's also great to see RC thriving since '06. All I can say is that I'm eagerly looking forward to the day that I can attend another as it'll be great to meet up with old and new friends alike. In any event, congrats once again to all the winners!



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