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I may have done a bad thing...


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I may have done a bad thing last night.


I finally replaced my old desktop PC with a new iMac over the weekend. I love my new iMac. Big display and fast machine. I've got everything transfered over from the desktop PC and the old family iMac. And, I've got Vista installed for the PC apps.


Then, when I couldn't sleep last night, I did a bad thing: I downloaded the World of Warcrack 10 Day Trial. I only played for an hour or so, but I already thinking that, if I want to avoid the fate of flynn and ReaperShaun (and other painters), I should delete the WoW folder ASAP. :unsure:


After all, I have little enough painting time as it is.


And, it's not like my strapped discretionary budget needs a monthly drain.


And, playing Warcrack would be bad for my wrist.


But, I do have 9 days before I have to pay anything.... :devil:







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I posted a thread with almost this exact title last year. Now I have a level 61 Tauren warrior. Honestly, after the first couple of weeks, my playtime slowed quite a bit. I didn't get pulled in as bad as others, and probably log a couple of hours per week.

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Yeah, by using exploits.


I'm pretty happy to have gotten a warlock to 60 in three weeks (from time of creation, not total time played) which included about 5 days of reapercon.

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OK-- here goes. I think the following should be read with a Mussolini-like enthusiasm...


Ever notice how people react when you tell them about the tabletop gaming that you do? Basically it is too hard to describe for most chatty conversation, because it is a weird and intricate mix of art, strategy/tactics, and history/narrative. I usually call it "a strategy game using models for pieces," but this doesn't describe it one bit. What I should say is that "I am smart as hell, and as such, I am excited by hobbies that offer a an array of challenges and issues to think about and figure out at the same time:


Should I move there? What are all of the benefits if I do/don't? How does my basing look? I like those colors together, but the others are too highly contrasted. How does moving there interact with the narrative background that I have written for the force, or the background that my reading of history has outlined for me? Do my forces represent something historical or something fantastic? Is there a difference in the end? Etc.


I am not saying that we think all of these things when we play a game, but while playing and planning and painting I think we all go through most of these, and I'm sure a bunch of pretty weighty ideas and thoughts that I haven't mentioned. The neat thing about the tabletop games that we play is also that these thoughts don't occur in a vacuum - the games, and all of the preparation - including painting - are social activities, and so we are not just thinking about these ideas, we are entering into discourse about them - continually engaging in dialogues about everything that a game and painting can bring up. This is why I really like the hobby - this is why I am a _gamer_.


Of course you can't really make this clear to someone you are chatting with at a party. In fact, the person at the party will automatically assume that "gaming" means playing video games. Video games, however, tend not to bring the same issues up, and as much as they can be social, I would imagine that the online economy of the things - the question of where you hunt/whome you kill and how much XPs you can get from them is the main topic of conversation. This is an important difference - video games are about consumption and ultimately rehearse all of the negative things about capitalism, and the painting and tabletop gaming that we do are largely not - they are creative, and are about personal ownership of artistic and literary production. The person at the party will probably assume that you are a video gamer because that is the standard, and because consumption is generally accepted to be "normal." Everyone plays video games, and there is nothing strange or unique about them. The monsters you kill online have been killed by thousands of people before, and will be again. Our vain attempts to define our own "unique" characters in an online game by min/maxing a handful of stereotypical stats and traits has invariably been done in exactly the same way by thousands.


So - what kind of gamer are you?


P.S. I think this is probably a bit over the top, but with only nine days left I thought unloading the strong rhetoric was appropriate...

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Ron, put the mouse down and step away from the iMac.


Go to your painting table and paint your RCon 08 Sophie. Now. Seriously. Do it.



Once she's done take a good look at Sophie. You wouldn't want to cheat on her with World of Warcraft now would you? Why would you want to cheat on Sophie? Look at her. She's so cute and adorabloe, and you want to run around in some pixelated landscape? How could you do that to Sophie?


Hopefully by the time you resolve all this the 9 days will be over.

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Eh. I can understand the interest in WoW and EQ, but couldn't get into them if my life depended on it.



City of Heroes has me hooked, but I'm not tied to the machine. I find I'd much rather play alone with with a very select group than have to deal with a lot of the people that get attracted to these MMOs. *shudder*



And I thought some of my old gaming buddies were psychotic about making the most effective character possible while staying (barely) within the rules. What's the fun of making an ubercharacter if the character has no personality or life and is just like your previous character?


Never will understand that mentality.

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