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Biker Chick Sophie

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OK, here's the first look at Biker Chick Sophie. I doubt I'll get her done before I have to move, but I should at least be able to get the prep work done.


In this pic the bike and Sophie are just poster-tacked in place so yall can get an idea. The wings wouldn't stay, so youll just have to pretend they're there.




The base under the motor is going to be cut and filed away and replaced with a kickstand. The front wheel will be turned to the left. It'll probably take a little modification, but I want to get the lower of Sophie's feet on the ground. I'm waiting for a larger base (1.5" square) to arrive and it will be done like she stopped on the side of the road for a photo op on a windy day. Hmmm, maybe a Route 666 sign?


This is going to be the guide for painting the bike.


I'm telling you, right now, I'm tempted to leave the wings off and fill in her back.

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She's a succubus. She can ride 100 mph backwards if she wants to. :P


I've seen that and am thinking of ways to deal with that. Unfortunately, just switching sides doesn't work very well because of the way her outstretched arm is positioned. This may involve either giving her a haircut, or giving her a haircut then resculpting hair after the wings are attached.

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Great stuff!!!


Heck, there are alot of small fans out there these days. Model it to look like she's at a photo shoot. Or have her sitting on a bluff (usually plenty of wind their).


The motorcycle idea I had for her was to put her in a sidecar-ish kind of a thing... that'd make it legit that she wasn't straddling the bike w/out holding the handle bars etc.... but you'd have the same issue with a different subject: wheres the driver?


Or, maybe just riding one of those kids rockets... (converting the bomb to a kid's ride)... 5 cents for a thrill ride? I need to quite while I'm behind...

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The pose is intended to be stationary, so I can leave the hair. But I think the "wind sweepiness" is a bit much. I'm not going to make any final decisions until I get the bike together on it's final base. The other problem with switching sides is that a parked motorcycle leans to the left, which makes leaning or sitting on the right is a bit awkward at best. Also makes it harder for her foot to reach the ground. The overall look I'm going for is "motorcycle magazine cover shot." So maybe the extreme "wind sweepiness" isn't so extreme. See, now I'm talking in circles.


Sophie's had her mold lines cleaned up already, got the mold issues on the bike taken care of. I also used a saw to cut off that integral base and filed the underside to complete the shape of the exhaust pipe and give the bottom a tiny bit of detail since the bike will be canted to the left and the bottom will be slightly visible. Also removed the kickstand which was sculpted in the up position, since it would seem odd to have two kickstands, one down and one up. Filed out the seats to give the bike a more sweeping curved look. Used some greenstuff to extend the rear fender straight off the back and to beef up the rear tire a good bit. The rear tire as it was cast was flat, which would have posed some problems when I lean it over onto the kickstand. That and it just looked a bit on the small side. Pictures once the GS dries.

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You also might consider sculpting some streamers on the handle bars, blowing toward the front of the bike, and maybe a few sprigs of tall grass leaned over in that same direction...maybe even a flag or banner as well. This will tie in the wind direction theme. I'd also look at making my light source at 2 o'clock...it's also help with the directional theme.


Cool concept...I love it!


(Leave the wings off)

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