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OK, somebody doesn't want this project done. There was a thunderstorm this morning and since the house next door,and uphill, is just a foundation and an unfinished lot all the water poured in through a window into my son's bedroom in the finished basement. So, obviously that has put a delay in my painting. Still too mad to actually paint anything, so I'll be watching DVR'ed episodes of American Chopper while I cool down. Oh, one other thing, if you enjoy travel documentary or Ewen McGregor, get your hands on "Long Way Round," it's a cool documentary on him and his friend driving east from London to New York (with an obvious jump over the Bering Straight).

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Bad luck on the washout. I'd want to put in a drainage seep around the house, or at least on the uphill side. Channel the water around either to drain or out back. Hoope you got the dough for that. (though at the moment, that would be a Homer 'Doh!!!')


Family first! Good luck on the clean up!

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