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Castlevania Minis - Axe Armor and Bone Pillar?


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I have been thinking about this for quite a while, because I'm a pretty big Castlevania fan myself and have included a few CV-influenced enemies into my RP campaigns (such as the red/blood skeletons and something similar to Granfaloon/Legion). The former was acomplished by painting skeletons red, while the latter was achieved with... lots of zombies and greenstuff. =P


For the bone ark, because the bone pillar part is supposed to be the head of a wyrm, I can only suggest the head of a dragon, perhaps the GW zombie dragon (the old metal one) or one of the Reaper ones. The skeletons are pretty easy, your best port of call is the GW ones again (because they're plastic and multipart, they're easier to repose).


The Axe Armour is a little more difficult. It's not so bad if you want something the same size as everyone else (chaos warriors aren't a bad choice with a bit of work, and Reaper have plenty of armoured figures to choose from that would be suitable, but Axe Armour tends to be slightly bigger than the average person, so it depends on what size you have in mind.

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