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An Elf Ranger

l33t ninj4

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I really like the little bits of blue you have, like the bedroll and the hairpiece. It adds interest.


I especially like the studs on his armour at the front, and the gem on his sword hilt is spot-on

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Nice work, l33t!


I like the color scheme you have going here. The jewel on the sword hilt looks great. You have definitely achieved an important foundation for mini painting that is indespensible to have - you are able to paint "neatly", "stay within the lines", etc. The eye looks good too, although the shadow in the photograph makes it a bit harder to see - but it looks fine. So, you're also proving that you're capable of some fine detail.


As for constructive criticism -


I wasn't sure if this mini was completely done. I was assuming it is because it's in the "Show Off" section. I didn't know if you were planning on doing any more work on it, such as flocking the base. I believe you are ready to start pushing your highlights and shadows in order to pump up the contrast on the minis, and thereby make them a bit more dramatic. I've been checking out your other work, and it looks like you are starting to do this on Harry the Hammer.


A simple example and area where this could be done is with the green tunic. You can take the creases in the folds much darker, and add hilights on the tops of the folds. I do see you starting to do this on the boots, and definitely the blue roll.


You can do this without having to employ "wet-blending" too - as you've stated you have difficulty with.


To give you a concrete example of what I mean by pushing both ends of the color tonality (making the shadows darker and the highlights lighter), here are a couple examples of similar minis that illustrate what I mean:


My Linder


VikingLodge's Niriodel


VikingLodge is one of the best mini painters to troll these boards and his output is amazing. He is also been very helpful to me and generous with his advice.


I want you to know that it often takes years of practice to get really good, (like VikingLodge) so don't be intimidated by mini painters on these boards who are posting some amazing stuff - they had to work really hard to get to where they are. Just look at photos of minis that others have done before you that you like, and try to figure out or emulate what they are doing - i.e. - "VikingLodge's Niriodel has the folds on his left arm much darker. Let me see if I can make mine look like that..." The nice thing is that - it's YOUR miniature. You can pick and choose what you want or don't want to copy from someone else. I can tell you that's the way I learn. I look at other people's work on the same miniature, and try to steal what I think is the best thing I see from them. (They usually don't mind! :poke: )


To sum up, it looks to me like you've got pretty descent brush control. Given that you can control your brush and be pretty neat, I believe you are in a prime position to start pushing yourself to the next level.


Good Luck and keep showing us some pix!

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I was thinking about tinkering with adding shadows pretty soon. I may add a skull and/ or thigh bone from my Vampire Counts stuff. Seeing as I'll have a million of them left over. and stick him on a new base with a dungeon stone look. I was feeling a bit lazy at the time I was painting him before but now I'm kinda thinking it may be cooler to add that stuff.

Heres a pic of it:


What do you guys think? I will make a basic sand, static grass and clump foliage base if you guys think that would be better.

Bear in mind this is a mini for a Dungeons & Dragons character.

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