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New Rackham mini coming soon.

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Hello all ::):


After a long hiatus from painting, I am almost finished a new Wolfen mini from Rackham.

I hope to get it on ShowOff soon. I wanted to post some pics of the basing process.

I like to find rocks that could pass for 34mm scale. Usually very uneven with lots of

irregularities (and one flat side to rest on). I had to do some considerable sculpting

because the mini's left foot didn't sit level. :rock:

But I liked the way the staff came over the crest of the cliff. Looks

like he's actually in mid stride. :blues:






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Hey all


Thanks LCS for the comments of encouragement. ::):


I painted the sculpted added rock parts. Not a perfect match but

it should work fine when blended with other terrain cover and bits.

I am hoping to add a sculpted dead wood log or stump or something next,

then the finishing touches of leaf litter and leaves and moss etc.

thanks for looking ::D:





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Hello all ::):


Moving right along with this Base WIP. As mentioned earlier I tried to branch out (pun intended) :mellow: by adding

a rotting tree trunk with my tree stump. Seemed to work out fairly good; know more when its primed and painted.

I used some heavy gauge Christmas wreath wire to fashion the stump, then "greened" it for details.

Thanks for looking





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Hey there, ::):

The base is pretty much finished, maybe a bit here and there left to be added.

I primed and painted the stump and trunk. Sculpted a mushroom, and painted

it. Also added was ground bark bits and leaves. Grasses are from thistle seed fluff.

The mini is on the home stretch now and should be finished shortly.

Thanks for looking






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