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It took me a while to decide how to paint her... blue and green is so nice on this mini! But I really wanted something different, so here she is in goldfish-style. Including little Nemo ofcourse ::):




CMON link


I hope you like her! Thanks!

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Yes, beautiful work! I especially like the transparent effect where the fin overlaps her orange body (which Marike also did in her rendition of Pearl with the blue-green scales), and the coral shapes and the fish on the base.


Some suggestions:


. Her upper body appears washed-out and is not as engaging as the scaled portion or the base, with their brighter colors. Perhaps you could have introduced some orange or red into her shoulders (freckles/spots) or hair or lips. Her areolas also look pale, since you took her nipples up to the same highlight color as the rest of the skin. (You could just argue that this is an idiosyncrasy of mermaid anatomy.) :;):


. Her bracelet and hair have the same colors, so my eye interprets them as being made of the same material, but that is confusing. I would have used different colors for the bracelet (perhaps copper or even a red-purple metal).


. I would have used the pink-red color instead of white for the mass of coral right in front of her tail, since her white tail and the white coral bleed together when I squint at the photo.


Keep up the good work,


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