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New England Paint Day- Maine Edition

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Since my threadomancy is rustey (and I'm too lazy to just do a search), I figured that I would start a new thread.


So, who is still interested? Assuming Kate is still willing to have rabid Reaper fans showing up at her door step (more actually her shops door step), how many of us are willing to make the drive and when is the best time for all involved.


I plan on going as long as it doen't interfere with my other comitments (vaca July 15th-22nd and transition season when the Chief's results come out in August).


So, who else is interested?

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The only day that I'll be completely unavailable to play hostess is July 12th because of being in Augusta for the pre-release tournament for the next Magic set, Eventide. Major Magic events in Maine are few and far between, so when the opportunity for a dealer table presents itself, you go for it (and maybe this time there will be a sizable attendance).


Otherwise, come one and all to beautiful, downtown Brunswick and spend the day painting away. There are a couple of gaming groups that I've recently come in contact with that can possibly round out the crowd a bit, from middle school age to crusty ol' farts (self-described). I'm fairly certain that I can convince a few other people to crawl out of their caves for a day of painting, including a painter who's a master the 'Eavy Metal style for those interested in future Games Day participation.


Should be fun for everyone, so hopefully folks can make it up this way ::D:

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No date as yet, but I'm open to suggestions. The only person in the New England area who's ever said that coming to Maine was a no-go was PurityThroughFire, which since he's down in Connecticut and has a hard enough time driving is understandable.


Mad Jack, Lord Erl? Any suggestions for the date? You guys going to be able to make it?


And the infamous question.... Anyone heard from Whiz?


Decado: I'm here 6 days a week, so if you just want some painting company we can commandeer a table on a Saturday and spend the day painting away :poke:

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Okie... my turn to have funs I guess. Here be the official info:


When: July 26th, 2008 10am to whenever


J&R Cards and Comics

12C Center Street

Brunswick, Maine



Pick your favorite route to I-295 North

Take the first Brunswick exit to US-1 North (also known as Pleasant Street)

Follow Pleasant Street until it runs into Maine Street

Turn Left onto Maine Street (you'll want the inside of the two left turning lanes)

Turn Right into the Movie Gallery/Gardnier Savings Bank parking lot and park.

J&R is the lil' red building in the back of the lot, sign will be visible unless there's a lovely pea soup fog.


Please note that there will be pizza available for purchase (by the slice, usually cheese, pepperoni, bacon, and sausage) as well as candy and sodas. If you need a phone number, I believe we're listed in the retailer section for events and any BL that wants to can schedule it as one of their events (I would but I'm not BL :poke:).


As far as nearby food, there are no fast food chains in downtown Brunswick, but there's Indian (2), Mexican (2), German, and Tavern type eateries as well as a NY style deli, gelato shop, and a hot dog stand within reasonable walking distance from the store. For those with the munchies, there's a 7-11 and a newstand with great (also cheap) Italian sandwiches a quick walk from the store.


The nearest fast food places are a short drive away and are as follows:


Cooks Corner: McDonalds, Wendy's, Subway, KFC/Taco Bell, and Burger King

Topsham: McDonald's, Wendy's, Arby's, Little Ceasars Pizza



Did I miss anything? I gotta make a flyer n' posters now ::D:

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