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I wanted to paint this fig in a black and white scheme since I first saw it. But now I've gone and converted him somewhat now I'm trying to decide wether or not to take it farther like nipping those spikes on his shoulders.

Feedback and ideas are very welcome.




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John, what have you done...


Cool looking even though I have no Idea what anyone else is talking about.


Black & white is going to be tough, I've tried. Dont get frusterated.

Sephiroth is the villain from Final Fantasy VII (7), a playstation game for the late 90's.


The mini is looking good keep going.

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Ok, Final Fantasy I know. I had it once upon a time. on the NES. long long ago, in a galaxy called Kalispell...But I don't think i ever got past the 1st level in that and kinda gave up on the whole thing. I wonder if my mom still has those?


John, its looking great, and now that I vaguely know what its supposed to be, cool. And he looks better without the spiky bits.

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Evilbob said not to get frustrated but I am. Not because the painting is hard but I have been working 60 to 80 hours a week and its so blastedot my paints a drying out faster than I can lay em out AAAHHHH!

but I gonna keep on keepin on thanks for all the praise I'll get some more pices soon

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My recomendation for keeping your paints wet:

a very small amount of acrylic retarder goes along way in this weather. not because it works better but if you use much more than none it tends to make your paints shiny.

I got a dropper bottle going on right now thats slightly over 3/4 full of distilled water and approx. 1/4 of Flow Improver.


I'm having to add this 'summer gunk' about twice as often as I normally do, but that makes painting alot easier in this weather.

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Sorry for the bad photo fu. My wife had her wisdom teeth out yesterday and was unable to take pics.




Im very happ with the shading on the wing but I hate the work I did on the sword oh well I'll keep at it.

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