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Snow Troll

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Awww..poor thing's freezing his backside off!


But seriously, he looks great. I don't know why, but somehow it seems you should name him Babe after the blue ox. I like the colour choices you made.


He'd be a fine Mr. Feb-brrrrr-rrr-ruary for my 2009 Beefcakes calendar.

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The lighter blues and grays, when thinned properly over white primer, almost shade and highlight themselves. All I had to do was confirm the highlights with a couple variants on white, really.


Just ran into something similar on the gauntfield scarecrow I'm working on...was doing a wash with dark brown and it would probably work to just hit some highlights and be done. I think it's because of the amount of folds and creases in the pants and maybe similar deep recesses on this figure. Something I'll have to try again in the future at least.


Like the blue on this one, would never have thought to do him in blue...I'd probably have picked one of the green triads. Nice job!



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nice work Lanse, he is pretty "cool" looking


I think some greenstuff fur would really set him off thou. Add a few patches here & there. Still thou it's neat epically when you concider the time involved with it.



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I was going to say that's really cool.


Only there was no irony. It was a gut reaction.


Thankfully, I stopped myself.


It is extremely cool, though.




I'm ashamed that I didn't think of saying that first. I am momentarily in awe of your inadvertent wordsmithing.

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