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Swag Rant


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Of course they changed the program; apparently it was costing them a little too much. Well they are a business after all and not a charity. BUT THEY GOT RID OF THE PAINT RACK!!! What the heck man?


Maybe I'm hoping for the return of the rack.


Bryan is correct, no one ever ordered the paint rack so we stopped listing it. That said, send in per the old listing (i'm sure someone can tell you what it was) and make it attn to Ed Pugh and I will get it processed through.




The old deal was 90 PoPs plus $5.00 USD for shipping. The full address you will want to send the envelope to is:


Ed Pugh

%Reaper Miniatures

PO Box 293175

Lewisville, TX 75029

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That's what I was thinking, DS.



And, yet again, Reaper goes and proves itself to be one of the finest.



Oh, and while I didn't order my paint rack, I picked it up while visiting before ReaperCon started.





So, who wants a paint rack. I'll even pay for shipping (unless it's overseas). Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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Another good use for the Keyfobs is to identify which army is in a particular army case. Just hang a fob on the clip to the shoulder strap on the side of the bag.





Demo/BL fob..............check


Additional fobs for future assemblage......check


Waiting for CAV Faction/UCOR fobs......But until then the CAV fob will do.

Actually, I don't care so long as there are a Koda Works, Rach, KDM, Ritterlich fobs :lol:

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I don't even count mine anymore. They just keep piling up in a bag I have secreted away, with the mad dream of one day going to ReaperCon and dumping them on the counter.


I'm not into swag, or I would have picked up stuff already, but in these downward economic times, I think a program where you could send Reaper your swag points and turn them in for a discount from Reaper for online purchases, would be the dream, especially if you could put it towards Boneyard purchases!!


Just daydreaming, as I know this would be very difficult for Reaper to do; they would prefer you bought their minis from brick and mortar stores or other online vendors.

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