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CAV Campaign


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To help generate interest in CAV I was thinking a campaign would help. I had two ideas for a campaign.


1. War of Attrition

Everyone must play 5 rounds against a different player 2000 point games.

Must present a total force list of 7000 points.

If ANY vehicle is damaged beyond 50% it is not eligible for the next round (out for repairs).

If ANY vehicle is eliminated it is gone from your list (Boom, its dead can't use it no more).

All entries must play one game every week (this should let those that have hard to please jobs play).

2.Battle for Arric


This will be a long campaign. Each player will have a region to defend while having to attack other regions. The regions will be broken up into sectors which will give benefits to the owner if he exceeds his own starting number. Some regions my have starting bonuses to offset poor demographics (optional). An example of bonuses, captured air port – one free air strike per battle, three captured agriculture sectors give a extra rife squad per battle. Alliances can be made/broken as players wills,( its your honor will you honor it?) Defenders get 20% extra forces but must protect critical buildings. We can do a lot of things here. This us just in the idea stage, but I don't want to put a lot of time into it if we don't have the players.


Let me know what you think. I don't know if Reaper would sponsor prizes, if we have the campaign I will ask. If they don't we could put up a kitty of a couple of bucks each if we ALL agree.

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I would be in, and I have prize support that i can offer up already. Still have several unopened blisters, and also some reaper credit that could be used to fill holes.


Obviously would need a little more description on how some of it will work, but the interest is there by me...

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