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Been a while but got them all stripped down and primed.


Here's the first two fininshed(ish)


Not doing the bases till I've done all of them. Not certain what I'm doing with them in that respect.



A first for me with Ern's gun. Used NMM and am quite happy with it


Bottled out on the gun this time and also used silver on her sunglasses.

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Had been busy with daily living so had to put the paint brushes up for a mo!


Back on it again and have been using my pressies'. A magnifier on a bendy clamp and a natural low energy light.


She's not in the original photo cause I couldn't find her at the time.






Just about finished on this pic. Just a little touch up on a few bits. Even did the base(ish)


Have another dude with a gun and bike chain hiding somewhere. He obviously doesn't want to be dipped!!


Just adding an older pic for comparison. Not a very good pic though.



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Heres the next one. Had a mind to stick a cigarette in his mouth but didn't want to mess him up. Going to have to do a bit more on his beard though.





The next couple are going to be difficult. The wife had a tidy up while I was out and now I have a hole group of minis' AWOL. Told her to be careful with them. Will have to set my Soul Searcher on to them when he's done.


What do you think to the improvements or are they?

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Got this one done at last. Have noticed a few little details I've missed, so will have to go back to her a little later.




Another one that had evaded my earlier attention. Will be getting some more Officers later to boost her numbers.




Here is a before and after of the group, though not in exactly the same positions.



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Yep, fun figures.


In addition to Copplestone - http://www.mirliton.it/index.php?cName=future-warrior-28-mm has the line as well (and I think a few that Copplestone was not able to retain rights to). If I recall the shell game that was played with Grenadier's stuff when they went under...EM-4 also carries the line (or part of it), with exclusive rights to the plastics in the line.

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