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02964: Cretus, Minotaur

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Angorak - Thanks - I was pleased with how it came out. If I get a chance - I'll post up some different pics.


GreyHorde - It is good to be back :poke: . And thanks.


PTF - Thanks man - so when do we see some picks from your stuff ::D::poke: .


Brushmaster - You can't see it all from this angle - but I treated it like the glyphs were welded on - like the Mythbusters sign... Played up the edges with rust (Rust brown is my new favourite MSP!) and kept the whole thing in metallics. Like I said before - I'll see if I can get some additional pics up.



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Whoa... VV's painting again and PTF has resurfaced. ::D:


I know... isn't it wierd - I swear the two events are unrelated...


Congrats on the well-deserved win, VV! That is a mighty awesome minotaur :wub:




Next up - a DWAGON!


Maybe I'll even WIP it a wee little bit... hard to say. Last WIP almost snuffed out my desire to paint entirely... Oh well... I'll never know unless I try :poke: .


And C'mon PTF - share the picy goodness!!!!

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