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Both of these had clothing added.


This one's gloves and boots were my first attempts at painting sheer fabric. I think I did decently probably. The skirt is wrapped 32ga wire, and the pistol is one end of Caerwyn's bow.



Skirt and corset added here, and the pistol is a trekky-looking piece from some part or other I had laying around.



I'd say at least 12 hours went into these over a few days.

Edit - Forgot to scale down the first pic to manageable size.

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They look really good. I like both the conversion and the paint job. I think your faces (that is, the minis faces ::P: ) looks really, really nice. I do agree with mathewbaich though, that the sheer stockings could have a little more skintone, but that depends on what kind of look you're going for of course.

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I like the one with the black stockings and red shirt the best. She just looks - well evil. :devil:

It is amazing what one can do with wire isn't it? I've amazed myself before with what I put together with it but I've never seen a skirt made of it. Nice job Lanse.

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