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Set pieces

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Although I did finishing touches and painting.


The majority of work done on these pieces was done by my boys.



My youngest made these up.




Should have left the "water effect" off of the last one. The varnished finish looked better.



My Eldest decided to have a go with this one, works like a mine field.





This one is mine, though youngest helped out



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How big are these on average? What is the dome thing in the first pic?


These are all very nice. You should post them on Terragenesis.



They're all on 6"x6" hardboard


On the first one, the pieces in the fore ground are bits from a GW Necron Monoloith. The half column is supposed to be a support for inside, but it doesn't actually do anything as it's too short. The dome like structure is the crystal support of which half of the "crystal" lies next to it.

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