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I was looking through DHL's old style gallery (which I really wish would be reinstated for new stuff as well), and saw a few models that could double in the Chronoscope universe. I know it's its own game, but for anyone that uses Chronoscope for RPG purposes, maybe these DHL models can help you out (not counting the plethora of monsters/critters/bugs/classic monsters):


Jungle/Lost World adventures:


3145: Malapango Savages


3153: Bogani, Savage King on Throne


3052: K'baka Kwana


3092: Axebeak


2996: Carnotaurus



Anyone else have any other suggestions?

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I am currently painting up the Iron Golem in a red, white, and blue color scheme for use in Super System. I also have the Onyx Golem from Warlord that I am going to use as his arch-nemesis. I'm also using the Clay Golem for Super System as well.


Two others that work well are the two Swamp Shamblers. One looks like Swamp Thing and the other looks like Man-Thing. Eskin, Male Rogue is another good one.

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There are alot more, but I'm not able to spend all the time on this post that I'd like. Tara the silent looks fairly modern due to the pants style. The Cave Women can be used in pulp/steam-punk, there is an african queen-ish figure that looks like she's got some traditional african garb on...


Wish I had more time... there are quite a few crossovers ::o:

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VOID have a few weapons packs in their range. I know they are SF but some are fairly close to modern.


I usually have a few 'shotguns' from Imperial Gaurds, and the odd flamethrower. GW stuff tends to be on the 'big' side for converting standard 25/28mm.

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