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Sasha DuBois, Time Chaser

Amalor Myrnnyx

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Beautiful figure, exquisitely painted.



Nice tones and colour selection.


For aging, IMOH, I'd have gone for a flash of white hair near her brow.

I know it's old hat, but then that's the sort of quirky thing I like.


Great job done, all the same. :upside:

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The Good:

The pallet is a good choice and the colors look smooth.


The bad: (remember you asked for it)

Could use some more highlights and the boots could have had used a little more contrast.


And the broken pottery:

*smashes a priceless 2000+ year old roman vase* TAKE THAT JULIUS CAESER!


And heres mine for an idea (its a WIP picture, I haven't taken a new one)


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Nice bold colors. The eyes are crisp and striking, and they (along with the well-defined gear at her belt) show me that you can put paint where you want it to go. Now work on the smoothness of your highlighting and shading. You can start with skin, especially on a pretty female figure like this: the right side (her right) of her abdomen, for example, has some dark blotches that really wouldn't be in shadow like that.


Also, since grey hair can easily get confused with "highlights on black hair", you could exaggerate the difference and use a lighter grey (like Misty Grey), painted on in as fine a streak as you can manage. And be sure to include a few grey/silver hairs in places where the black hair isn't highlighted, too, so it's clear that this light grey isn't just highlighting.


But can't she just go zipping back and forth through time and make herself younger whenever she wants, anyway? :;):



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