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Matte Medium

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I have a bottle of Liquetex Matte Medium. Everytime I use it, especially for washes, my figure comes out with a satin or gloss finish. Am I doing something wrong? Any help is appreciated.


Hmmm, that's a weird one. It could be a matter of agitation--do you shake it well?--in case the matting agent has settled. Or it could simply be a matter of art supplies not getting what dead matte means, which is an issue I ran into many times in the course of my artistic career (grumble grumble). Often in the art world it seems that "gloss" means "gloss" but "matte" means "satin". :huh:


You could try adding a couple of drops of Master Series Anti-Shine Additive to your wash mix if you've got some; it has matting agent and paint conditioners in it and should work fine with Liquitex (if it doesn't, please report back!). ::):



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There seem to be at least two schools of definitions for finishes:

  • "Matte" is synonymous with "flat" or "lusterless"
  • "Matte" is somewhere between "satin" and "flat" or "lusterless".

It's pretty easy to find examples where either is assumed:

FWIW, I fall into the second school.


For a truly flat sealer coat, the consensus seems to be that Testors Dullcote is the closest.

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While researching replacements for Dullcote in the EU, I came across Jet Spray™ Clear Lacquer - Dead Flat. It is as flat, or flatter than Dullcote - and still legal in the EU (it still contains the evil toluene...but since it isn't marketed towards children/hobbyists - they are exempt).


Anywho, I also take matte to mean one step below satin and one above flat - however my background in art is less artsy art and more technical art and painting. Most the artsy artists that I deal with use matte and flat interchangeably, and as a result I have picked up their bad habit.


The Liquitex though is a matting medium, to bring the satin finish of normal paints down towards flat - and it can provide a very flat finish. Not quite as strong as regular matte agent (like Reaper's or Tamiya's), but it is also much more user friendly. Really hard to actually cause your paints to frost over with it.

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