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Lol - I think this guy's official description should be changed to "Emo Fairy".....


It's what I started referring to him as the moment I opened the package. I mean, c'mon, even though Froggy painted over the ring, the thing has it's freakin' wing pierced, lol. And it's wearing fingerless leather opera gloves. :rolleyes: That thing couldn't be more emo if they'd sculpted it trying to cut itself...


And kudos on the painting, Froggy - I still remember what a <bleep> that thing is to paint...

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Heh. Thanks all.

And: CRAP! I forgot about the ring! This is what I get for painting at 11pm.

I'm gonna go fix the model RIGHT NOW. The pic may or may not be updated.


And Mad Jack - I've painted at least 10 of this critter already - I know where to point the brush to get at the Annoying Hidden Bits.

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