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How Much Flow Improver?


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Take some time to play around with it first though before you settle on anything in particular. Each application will require a little bit different water/flow improver/paint mix - so by playing with it now to figure out what you like...you can avoid those annoying run away drips on an almost finished mini.


For normal paint, I usually use about 20 to 1 depending on the brand of paint and how thick it is to start with. When I am creating a wash, I like to go 5-10 to 1. If I am making a glaze...I normally won't use any at all - or if I need to due to the starting paint (something like a Liquitex Soft Bodied Acrylic) I will use 30 to 1 or so. Other people like to have different levels of flow control for various painting tasks...so playing around with things will give you the best results for you.


Remember, in all likelihood you will not be buying another bottle of flow improver ever again. You can afford to play with what you have a good bit and still have plenty left over.

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For the Liquitex I find it is best to dilute it 20:1 water:flow improver.

Mix up a batch of it and keep it in a dropper bottle, that's what I do.


Neat trick, add a drop of flow improver to your rinse water, seems to help keep the paint flowing off the brush better...at least it does for me and I may very well be insane ::P:

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