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New Pro Paints - list of shade/mid/highlight combos?

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And, like above posters have said, your confrontational attitude is the surest way to get people to ignore you and not help you.

And maybe it's the elitist painter in me, But I don't check this subforum very often (or most "craft" forums, for that matter....


Until I received complaints about your attitude YET again PBN. ((and by the way, All-terrain Monkey was 100% accurate in his posts - army painters asked for a forum where they could be unbothered by "elitist" paitners, so if Anne doesn't come in here, it's because yall kind of told her you didn't want her kind....))


This is your last warning - if I or any other moderater have to calm you down any further, we are going to suggest for you other message boards where they might be more welcoming of your personal style.


Regarding your concerns regarding highlighting and shading, the Master Series Paints were designed with this, we offer a highlight and a shade color for every midtone. We have no intention of bloating the PP line by adding another 216 colors to do the same, nor did we design the line with a H/M/S philosophy in mind - we designed 108 paints.

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